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Why the Kershaw Launch 13 Makes a Great EDC Knife

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You know the old expression, in for a dime, in for a dollar. If you cheap out on your EDC gear, you might find it fails when you need it most.

Sometimes, it pays to (literally) pay a bit more for the gear in your EDC rotation.

Case in point: consider a Kershaw Launch 13, which offers a whole lot of value for a reasonable price.

This post will cover the reasons why and – point you in the right direction of a great deal.

● Steel
The Kershaw Launch 13 boasts a Wharncliffe-style blade of 154CM steel. This steel, if you’ve never heard of it, is considered a super steel.

This steel is very high in carbon (1.05%) and has a good deal of molybdenum (4%) in the alloy, too. It also has a high concentration of chromium (14%).

Consequently, this steel is very hard and very tough. It’s a little bit tough to sharpen but it can take a razor edge and hold it for a while, plus, with all that molybdenum, it’s unlikely to chip, roll, or snap.

● Blade Profile
The Launch 13’s 3.5” blade is perfectly sized for most general applications. It’s compact enough to carry comfortably, but large enough that it offers full-size cutting ability.

The Wharncliffe profile (which is sheepsfoot-adjacent) is a winner, too. It maintains a fine point that is good for piercing, carving, and drilling, but thanks to the reinforcement around the tip, it’s unlikely to break.

There’s a reason that the Wharnie profile is getting more popular, and it’s largely because of durability.

● General Durability
General durability in the Kershaw Launch 13 goes beyond blade steel and profile. It’s built tough in a bunch of other ways, too.

The blade features a black Cerakote coating that is exceptionally hard and wear-resistant. It also protects the blade against corrosion.

The rest of the knife is built like a tank. It has partially skeletonized scales made of black anodized 6061-T6 aluminum that is light, strong, corrosion-resistant, and pleasantly aesthetic.

● Solid Ergonomics
The handle is solidly sculpted with two choils along the underside that provide a sure grip. The overall design of the knife lacks hot spots, too, improving comfort during use and ensuring a good grip.

● Weight
Another great thing about the Kershaw Launch 13 is that it’s so light, and for that it partially has its aluminum scales to thank. It tips the scales at just 2.4 ounces, incredibly light for a knife of this size.

● Easy Deployment
As an auto, the Kershaw Launch 13 is extremely easy to deploy and it takes only one hand. The deployment push button is low profile, too, which helps minimize the risk of the blade accidentally deploying.

It also features an exceptionally strong push button lock that, while sure, remains easy to deliberately disengage.

● Carry Options
Carry it free in a pocket or take advantage of its reversible deep-carry pocketclip, the Launch 13 is easy to carry. Clip it on your pocket, belt, or pack; you’ll never know it’s there until you need it.

Where Can You Get a (Shockingly) Good Price on a Kershaw Launch 13?
The perfect balance of slimness and full-sized ability, with black anodized aluminum handles, powdered metallurgy steel, narrow profile and deep-carry pocketclip that lets the Launch 13 easily ride in the pocket – among other features – make the Kershaw Launch 13 perfect for EDC.

And we have your ticket to a place where you can get one for less. Check out Live Outdoor Sports via the previous link.

Right now they’re carrying the Kershaw Launch 13 for a bargain – less than $150. Check the previous link if you don’t believe it.

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