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3 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Refurbished Apple MacBook

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Apple products are unparalleled in the technology industry. They are fast, virus-resistant, sturdy, dependable, and incredibly intelligent. Any owner of an Apple product could attest to these points, and not one of them is particularly a secret to the entire world. One of Apple’s biggest downfalls, however, is their prices.

MacBooks that are brand new and fresh out of the box can cost at least $1000, if not more, depending on which one in particular you buy. Not everyone can afford that price–and rightfully so, as that is a big chunk of change. Even though Apple does offer some of the best and most dependable products on the market today, they shouldn’t make you go broke for purchasing them.

Instead of buying new and expensive Apple products, like their laptops, why not consider used and refurbished Apple MacBooks for sale? Refurbished Apple laptops work as good as new, but at affordable prices so you can enjoy the luxury of great technology without the financial burden.

Before going out and purchasing a refurbished Apple MacBook, what should you look out for? Let’s look at 3 top questions to ask while searching through refurbished Apple MacBooks for sale.

Is Everything Included?
For whichever refurbished Apple MacBook you are looking to purchase, you should consider what is included with it. It should come with everything a brand new MacBook would come with, which is typically a power adapter and a charger cable. If these two aren’t included, then that means you can’t charge your laptop and will need to purchase them separately! That is a big no-no and a potential red flag for the entire laptop.

What Condition is it in?
While refurbished laptops have been tested, then verified to be free of defects, you should still investigate the condition of the computer. Is it new, in excellent condition, or poor condition? Is the glass screen shattered? Are there keys missing or do any not work correctly? It’s better to ask these questions than to assume the answer is in the affirmative.

Is There a Warranty?
Warranties are a key element for any big product purchase, but especially with refurbished MacBooks and other Apple products. Some refurbished laptops may still have the same warranty on it from when it was purchased new, or it could have an entirely different warranty/guarantee with it from the seller. Either way, you should make sure with whomever you’re buying from if there is a warranty. Also, never buy a refurbished MacBook “as-is.” That could cause major issues down the line, as you could potentially end up with a non-working laptop. It’s just not worth the risk.

Those are the top three questions to ask yourself when searching Apple MacBooks for sale, but there is one bonus question to consider: who performed the refurbishment? Not all refurbished MacBook sellers are the best or even should be trusted. If you are looking for the best, head over to mac of all trades. They have over 25 years of business and offer tons of refurbished MacBook laptops and other Apple products for you to browse, trust, and purchase for an affordable price.

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