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4 Kershaw Hunting Knives That Deserve More Press

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Kershaw hunting knife is an interesting term, given the fact that Kershaw devotes very little of its resources to attracting outdoorsmen, hunters or campers. Tactical applications and EDC are the domain of the Kershaw crew, and most of their knives are better known for their SpeedSafe technology and carry options than they are for their ability to baton through logs and skin small game.

Be that as it may, here are 4 Kershaw knives that are real highlights. We might even call them sleeper picks for a Kershaw hunting knife. Add them to your collection, but make sure you break them out and use them. They’re not for looking – they’re for working.

1. Kershaw Camp 5
Make no mistake about it. The Kershaw Camp 5 does not play. This is a full tang beast with almost 5 inches of cutting edge, a GFN (glass-filled nylon) handle and a bombproof matching sheath that provides for a variety of mounting options.

The blade is made of D2 steel, which makes up in downright toughness what it lacks in corrosion resistance. If you have any experience with D2, you’ll also know that you can get it impressively sharp. This knife is a real winner in the field – you can use it to break down trees and set up shelter, but you can also use it to break down game. For a camp knife, it can do it all – hence the name.

2. Kershaw Lonerock Zipit Pro
The Kershaw Lonerock Zipit Pro is, shall we say, highly specialized. This limits its utility as a knife, but if you’re expressly looking for a Kershaw hunting knife, this thing is purpose built. You can’t easily process a rabbit with this, nor can you breast out a dove. It’s made with one purpose in mind – to make it easier to skin (probably larger) game.

It’s even made with a recurve that keeps the skin right where you need it on the cutting edge, so you can “unzip” the carcass. It also features an unsharpened portion near the tip so the hide won’t “slip” off the tip, as is the unfortunate case with many skinners. Throw one in your pack. It may be cheap, and it may be simple, but it’s useful.

3. Kershaw Brace Fixed
The Kershaw Brace Fixed blade is the jack-of-all trades Kershaw knife in this lineup. It is a perfectly nondescript, partially skeletonized fixed blade that is highly useful for general utility. It’s also pretty small, with a two inch blade and a setup that shows that it’s intended to be used as a neck knife.

However, despite its small size, it’s wildly ergonomic, and let’s not dance around the fact that you can carve up large and small game alike with a small knife – for the most part. This thing has a tough drop point, 2 inches of straight cutting edge, and a tough blade made from 8Cr13MoV steel. It won’t be razor sharp for months, but you can touch it up in the field between sessions, and that’s worth just as much.

4. Kershaw Cinder
The Kershaw Cinter is a combo breaker on this list. Are there better hunting knives out there? Sure. Truth is, probably every other knife on this list is a better option for a hunting knife. However, the Cinder is small, light and convenient, and, as a hunter’s knife, you can’t just carry one blade. This thing is a serviceable backup/

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