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4 Types of Wholesale Crystal Jewelry You Can Buy

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Shopping for the right styles of wholesale jewelry can be a real challenge for many of us. It is so hard to figure out which styles will be the most successful during any given season or what it is your customers want to see more of from your store. We wanted to clear some things up for you as a store owner, responsible for purchasing inventory. If you are interested in buying wholesale crystal jewelry as inventory, here are a few styles to keep at the forefront of your mind. You might find that one or two categories are better for your store and customers than the others, but this will give you a good frame of reference.

Everyday Jewelry
The first type of wholesale crystal jewelry you might want to buy for your store is simple, basic jewelry, fit for daily use. This is the most toned down out of all the options we are going to list for you here. These simple pieces of crystal jewelry are great for everyday wear because they are so versatile in their styling. Their designs do not conflict with anything you might wear on an ordinary day, so they are great for wearing as your go-to pieces. No matter what you throw on to wear during the day, you know that you can reach for these pieces and they will work with your outfit. You should look for styles like pendant necklaces and earring studs to give people options for their daily styles.

Dressy, Formal Jewelry
Crystal jewelry naturally lends itself well to more elegant styles of dress for special occasions. When you want to dress in a more sophisticated way for special occasions, it is a good idea to go for more classic styles like ornate crystal necklaces and large earrings. More ornate jewelry also works perfectly with pared-back, minimal outfits that allow the jewelry to shine as the focal point of the look. These are beautiful ways to accentuate already elegant outfits for special occasions. Enhance what you are already wearing with more elaborately designed jewelry.

Long-Term Pieces
Somewhere in between the minimal designs and the more elaborate pieces of jewelry, we find the most classic styles that people often associate with crystal jewelry. These are the more traditional types of jewelry like crystal brooches and bold statement rings that seem to hold up well over time. These styles call back to another time in fashion when crystal pins over a well-tailored coat reigned supreme. This is a very sophisticated style, so it will be more popular with older customers. On the other hand, if your customers are generally much younger, you will want to go with much trendier types of wholesale crystal jewelry.

Fun, Fashion Jewelry
While crystal jewelry is more associated with classic styles, you can still find lots of fun, trendy designs today that utilize crystals. As you research current trends in fashion jewelry, you might want to pay attention to times when crystal jewelry appears and how it is used in the design. Fashion jewelry is more focused on trends, so you want to move quickly and strike while the iron is hot.

You should check out for all these styles of wholesale crystal jewelry and even more jewelry we did not mention here. They have lots of different styles and colors for you to choose from for any type of customer. From classic and timeless to bold and trendy, there are so many styles of crystal jewelry for you to consider, you just have to find out which ones will work well for your store. Start browsing online to see what kinds of crystal jewelry your store should have on its shelves.

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