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5 Types of Custom Business Badges Your Company Might Want

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When looking at custom business badges, the first thing you will want to decide on is the type of badge you want to see your employees wearing on a daily basis. Just take a look at some of the options you have available to you and see for yourself which type of custom business badges will serve your company and its employees the best.

Reusable Metal Badges
The first up on the list of custom business badges you have to choose from are reusable metal badges. These badges offer you versatility and long-term use. They can be reused over time with different names and titles on the name tags lying underneath the protective clear screen. You can use these with your workers no matter how often your employees or their job titles change. This trait also proves itself useful if at any point, your company’s logo design changes and you would like the name badges to reflect that as well. It is a cost-effective option for those looking to invest in custom business badges that will last the company years. The fact that they are made of metal and are reusable also helps your company to reduce its environmental impact, if that is a concern that you have for yourself or for the business itself.

Permanent Metal Badges
Despite the name, permanent metal badges are quite different from their reusable counterparts. These custom business badges are suited for a much more high-end, luxurious image, which you may want if that properly represents your brand. The design is set onto the metal plates with a sleek finish. The final result is a beautifully designed name badge which shows fine attention to detail and makes your employees look all the more polished and professional as a group. Because these particular ID badges are made of metal, they can be recycled once they are no longer in use, which is a nice touch.

Plastic Business Badges
Plastic badges are a more affordable alternative to the permanent metal badges we discussed. Although they are somewhat less expensive, they still maintain a high-quality look that reads well from the vantage point of a client and will hold up over time, so you can get years of use out of each one. You also maintain a good number of customizable options with these badges regarding shape, color, text, and design, so you can get the same features with these as you could any other, just using a different material as the base.

Button Badges
Button badges provide a very different feel compared to the rest of your options for custom business badges. They add a bit more color and include a much larger text size so that they can be read more clearly from a distance. These ones are less about identifying your workers by name, and more about displaying an image or brief message quickly and efficiently. You can add your company’s logo and use them to distinguish your staff from everyone else either at work or for an outdoor event.

Photo ID Badges
Out of all the different types of custom business badges you have to choose from, photo ID badges will probably offer you the most options for customization. With these badges, you can choose any style you like and leave open sections for the employee photo and name/title. These add another layer of identification to your badges by including a photograph, which gives a personal touch to each one and differentiates them more.

To learn more about your options for customizable business badges, you can visit and see what they have to offer for features and designs. You can do a lot to make a simple badge speak volumes. Take a look and see what your business could be using.

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