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A Circus Bike (20 Inch) Might Be Just What You Need to Hone Your Skills

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The people over at will be quick to tell you just what a great workout riding a unicycle is, how it can make you a better bike rider, or even make you stronger or improve your balance and coordination. That much is no secret, and becoming proficient in the saddle of a unicycle is a life-long pursuit.

All the same, it is not the only wheeled machine that requires a good deal of skill to master. It’s also not the only cycle that can be used to perform tricks or keep a crowd entertained. Whether you’re a skilled unicyclist looking for a new ride to challenge your skills or have simply always entertained the thought of tackling a circus bike with resolve, it might be time for you to investigate the Hoppley Circus Bike (20 inch model) that’s also available at

Unlike a regular bicycle, the Hoppley Circus Bike has no chain drive. It shares in common with many unicycles that its cranksets are attached directly to the axle of a wheel. However, in this case, since bikes have two wheels, the cranksets are attached directly to the hub of the rear wheel.

As with a unicycle, this gives you great control over the drive and balance of the rear wheel; it takes a good deal of strength and finely tuned balance, but you can start or stop the rear wheel very effectively with the directly attached crankets; this makes hopping or balancing practical.

The Hoppley Circus Bike (20 inch) has a front wheel that rotates entirely independently of the rear wheel and features two stunt pegs at the front, as well as 360-degree handlebar rotation. These features make it possible to accomplish a variety of traditional circus stunts and even BMX style tricks – at least with the right practice. The unique design of this circus bike also makes it possible to accommodate a second rider – which makes stunt riding and performing all the more impressive.

If it’s the quality of speed you’re after, this circus bike probably isn’t for you; but all the same, if you’re looking to impress a crowd or build confidence in the saddle, there are few bikes that can offer you the same, even for experienced cyclists. It’s ideally engineered and balanced for trick riding and with practice and determination, you can execute a variety of tricks, and even create your own.

This is also a tough bike that can hang with the bumps and unplanned dismounts that will naturally arise during the course of practice and learning. The frame, front handlebar, and rims are all made of steel and the bike is rock-solid and durable. Don’t let the small size deceive you; it actually weighs 22 pounds, despite its diminutive proportions.

It won’t ride smoothly down a rough mountain trail, but for those of you looking for a touch, compact stunt bike that will help you hone your trick riding skills, you won’t be able to do better than this little circus bike. Just make sure you have and utilize adequate safety gear if you decide to invest in one!

To learn more about this unique Hoppley Circus Bike, visit You can learn more about the product from the included information in the listing, but if you have product-specific questions or would like recommendations or additional educational resources, you can get in touch with’s customer service team directly. Either reach out to them via the live chat feature on their website or give them a call at 678-494-4962 for more assistance.

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