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6 AR 15 Parts That Can Boost Your Shooting Experience

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Owning a platform as versatile as an AR-15 gives you an immense amount of flexibility. That’s a large part of the reason that they’re considered America’s Rifle: it’s all about versatility. There are as many compatible parts and upgrades for AR-15 rifles (and similar sporting variants) as you can possibly imagine. All it takes is a little reflection on the shooting experience to make meaningful upgrades, and these AR 15 parts will have some of the greatest impact.

1. A new stock and grips
Issues like poorly matched length of pull, discomfort or poor control can destroy the shooting experience. They can affect your time-to-target acquisition and make you far less steady when handling your rifle and attempting to get on paper. While they might not be as exciting as optics or muzzle brakes, they significantly impact your ability to connect with your target, quickly and effectively.

A new stock can improve the length of pull of a given platform, whereas a new grip can vastly boost your control over the rifle; together, you can customize your rifle with them to achieve the ideal fit.

2. A new handguard
If you don’t like your AR-15’s handguard, just swap it out. There are tons of models on the market and they can solve problems are diverse as lack of space to problems associated with the discomfort of handling a quad Pic-rail without the protection of gloves.

Of course, you could just cover your rail space with rail covers, but when more and more attachments and accessories are compatible with KeyMod and M-LOK systems, why not just change out the whole handguard?

3. A muzzle brake (or suppressor) – but for different reasons
Both muzzle brakes and suppressors can positively impact your shooting experience, but for vastly different reasons.

Get a suppressor if it is legal where you live and you want to save your hearing. A suppressor will reduce the volume of muzzle blasts and also absorb a little bit of recoil.

That said, if you’re really looking at cutting back on recoil and muzzle jump, a muzzle brake is the way to go. Just be prepared for the muzzle blast – the noise that issues from a rifle with a muzzle brake is ungodly.

4. A new trigger
Dealing with a mushy trigger that you just can’t seem to dial in? Like a new handguard or a stock, you can more or less just drop a new one in. Simply purchase a compatible trigger group and install it in your rifle. A crisp, reliable trigger is a real joy to shoot, especially if you’re grown accustomed to mushy, unreliable triggers that over creep and overtravel.

5. A better bolt carrier group with permanent dry lubricity
Modern complete bolt carrier groups (also known as BCGs) are treated with special coatings like nickel boron and titanium nitride. This gives them what is known as “permanent dry lubricity,” which means that they will generate less friction while cycling. The effect is twofold: faster, more reliable cycling and less of a reliance on liquid lubricants, which trap dirt and debris and will wear out the moving parts of your rifle (like a bolt carrier group) prematurely.

6. A magwell
You may also be able to install a magwell onto your AR-15, which is a device that helps with inserting and seating a new magazine once you’re dropped the empty one. They can help you ever-so-slightly cut back on the time needed to replace the mag, which may be able to score you points in competition.

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