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Top 3 Multicolor Jackets Made of Fur

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During those bitterly cold months, it’s easy to depend on coats or jackets that are of dull colors for warmth. These garments tend to be dark gray or black, which is overall not always an issue. However, if you want to stand out in something with more style, color, and elegance, then these options simply will not suffice.

At Maximilian, they pride themselves on providing all of their customers with pristine, high-quality, and highly practical fur coats, jackets, and other garments. All of their products contain real fur, but are all stunning and unique. They can satisfy any person’s sense of style, even those who prefer jackets and coats that aren’t so bleak and colorless.

Amongst their many offerings, let’s have a look at the most popular multicolor jackets made of fur to add a splash of color during those darker winter days and nights.

1.Reversible Mink Jacket with Rabbit Inserts
If you’re looking for a warm jacket with some texture, personality, and options, then this is the jacket for you. This reversible mink jacket jacket is a stunning purple, but is textured with horizontal stripes of mink. The mink’s natural sheen gives the illusion of varying shades of purple. The collar is lined with plush rabbit fur, but is dyed a slightly lighter purple.

An exciting bonus of this garment, however, is that it’s reversible. Turn it inside out and now you can protect the gorgeous mink fur and put the water-resistant light purple on the outside. Now you have another option to compliment your outfit and look!

2.Leather Jacket with Fox Hood
Another stunning jacket from Maximilian is this leather jacket with a fox hood. This leather jacket is an eye-popping navy blue with a sleek design. The black fox fur-trimmed hood, however, is what really draws this jacket together. It’s fur is the right amount of style and warmth paired with brilliance. Stay warm and stylish with this jacket along with its stunning hood– either up or down.

3.Mink Bolero with Intarsia Design
For those who are looking for a real fashion statement, consideration of this bolero is highly recommended. The mink bolero with intarsia design offers its wearer unparalleled style, warmth, and grace. There is the finest mink throughout the bolero and it is a dark shade. However, there are stunning gray-white spots throughout the exterior for an addition of depth and color.

An added bonus to this fine bolero is the fact that it is reversible and, when it is reversed, it looks the same as the other way. It’s a remarkable jacket for a remarkable person.

While perusing through multicolor jackets, it can be difficult to find the best one for you, your style, and wardrobe. These three from Maximilian, however, are perfect for anyone. If you are looking for more extravagant and stunning fur pieces, be sure to browse through their many offerings and contact them on their online form to find the right garment just for you.


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