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6 Things You’ll Love About This Howler Brothers Jacket

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Specifically, the Merlin.

What does it offer, and what will you love about it, besides the image that Howler Brothers has collectively created through its unique portfolio of clothing and accessories?

In this instance, it’s far from just an image. It’s the perfect pairing of form and function.

If you’re looking for a lightweight Howlers Brother jacket, this is a good one. Here’s what you can expect.

It Features Primaloft Gold Insulation
This Howler Brothers jacket features Primaloft Gold insulation, which is made from 55% recycled material that is extremely lightweight and which resists moisture retention.

This makes it more packable and superior under inclement (especially wet) conditions, with an unbelievable 98% thermal efficiency.

For those of you looking for a lightweight jacket with water-resistant fill that is packable but still protective, anything with Primaloft Gold is a good one.

It Offers Effective Protection Against Moisture
In addition to the fact that the Howler Brothers Merlin is made with water-resistant insulation, it features water-resistant face fabric to keep you dry in light rain or when wading through wet brush.

It’s no poncho, but it delivers better-than-your-average protection against moisture and is perfect for an active lifestyle.

It Has Extra Protection Around the Neck and Sleeve Cuffs
Don’t you hate cold air seeping in around your neck or between your gloves and your jacket sleeves?

The Howler Brothers Merlin has you covered on those bases, as well, with knitted, ribbed cuffs that will prevent your sleeves from riding up, as well as a 3” stand-up collar to help prevent cold air ingress around your neck.

It’s Better for Backpacking: Say No More to Shoulder Pilling
Carrying a backpack over a jacket is sort of a trial because after just a few hours your jacket will often start to pill (if not worse).

This is a problem that plagues hikers, campers, and others that lead itinerant lifestyles – but the Howler Brothers Merlin jacket features heavy-duty nylon-cotton shoulder patches that are tough enough to stand up to hard wear, even under a backpack.

It Has Room for Accessories
Most heavy winter jackets have plenty of pockets for accessories, but some lighter jackets are a bit lacking.

Not the Howler Brothers Merlin, though, which is ready to roll with 3 zippered pockets (two hand pockets and an internal chest pocket) which are perfect for stashing gloves, phones, and other gear.

It’s Easy to Pack
This lightweight Howler Brothers jacket has one more trick up its sleeve – or in a special pocket, rather.

Most jackets are a bear to pack, but not the Merlin. It can also be rolled up into its own stuff-sack pocket for easy, convenient, storage, making it perfect for space-saving and even backpacking.

I’m Sold, Where Can I Get This Howler Brothers Jacket?
Yes, it is June, but that is the time to invest in winter gear. Buying in the fall and winter only guarantees you will pay more.

Check out They carry this and other Howlers Brother jackets and offer some pretty good prices, too.

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