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Two Solid 2022 Sun Mountain Golf Cart Bags That Are Still Great

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Sun Mountain is up there with Callaway, Titleist, and Mizuno when it comes down to the best golf cart bags. For years golfers have been toting Sun Mountain golf cart bags across courses around the world with pride.

And, if you’re looking for a new Sun Mountain golf cart bag, what’s best might just be something from last year.

So, with no further ado, here are some 2022 Sun Mountain cart bags that are still worth a look.

2022 Sun Mountain Maverick
The 2022 Sun Mountain Maverick cart bag is still a great option for players looking for a lightweight golf cart bag for the upcoming season.

The Maverick is outfitted with 11 pockets, all of which are front-facing for easy access. Among them are an apparel pocket, a velour-lined valuables pocket, a vented cooler pocket, and a range of other accessory pockets.

To keep the pockets forward facing, it also features a cart-strap pass-through that runs behind all the pockets, keeping everything easy to access, even after a bumpy cart ride.

The 2022 Maverick also features a 10” 14-way top with 14 full-length shaft dividers to prevent your club shafts from damage and prevent migration. It also keeps the bag organized.

The Maverick also features durable construction, cart bumpers, and a matching rain hood to keep your gear protected, even in inclement weather.

It’s also pretty lightweight, tipping the scales at 5.6 lbs before you load it up, and it’s outfitted with comfortable lift handles that make it easy to load up.

It’s already June – what are you waiting for?

2022 C-130 Supercharged
If you’re looking for a slightly bigger, badder Sun Mountain golf cart bag, then your tastes might take you toward the 2022 C-130 Supercharged.

The C-130 Supercharged features a 10.5” top, and like the 2022 Maverick, it also features a 14-way top with full-length shaft dividers to provide top-tier protection to your clubs and shafts, even on rough rides.

Like the Maverick, it also features a pocket orientation that keeps all pockets forward-facing for easy organization and access.

However, it features 14 pockets, with 2 apparel pockets, a rangefinder pocket, a cooler pocket, and a wide range of other pockets among them.

This Sun Mountain golf cart bag also features a Smart Strap System with two Velcro straps that prevent the bag from twisting and which keep the pockets forward-facing and unobstructed.

What’s really cool about this Sun Mountain golf bag is that it comes equipped with a 7800 mAh lithium-ion Philips power bank, perfect for charging your phone, speakers, and other electronics while you’re on the course.

The power bank has two USB ports, one standard, and one fast-charging, making it a great back-up power supply for when you need a quick charge for your phone during a long day on the course.

It’s optimized to be used from a golf cart, with three top utility handles that feature a “reverse orientation,” and it comes with a matching rainhood.

It’s a little bit heavier, at 7.1 lbs, but with all of these features, the extra pound and change is more than worth it.

Not the Sun Mountain Golf Cart Bag You’re Looking for? Discover More at Dallas Golf Company
While these two Sun Mountain golf cart bags bring a lot to the table, they are only two of the many options that you can find online at Dallas Golf Company.

Check out their collection (which also includes travel and stand bags from many other brands) via the link above, and get in touch with them directly at 800-955-9550 if you have any questions.

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