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A Beginner’s Guide to Macanudo Cigars

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Macanudo cigars are one of the biggest and most popular names in the industry and have rightfully earned its praise for years now. While you are discovering new brands and testing out different flavors, Macanudo needs to be high on your list as one of the next ones you try. But let’s help you get to know the brand a little better first.

Where They Came From
Since the brand’s founding in 1968, Macanudo has been committed to creating the highest quality premium cigars. From the very beginning, Macanudo cigars were made by skilled blenders and rollers who put their years of experience in the cigar industry to use making these cigars. The company has begun to distinguish itself from other cigar brands through the wrapper leaf which was carefully selected and aged to enhance the flavor of the finished cigars. With its tried-and-true methods for creating its iconic cigars, Macanudo began to expand into new cigar lines, creating products that would become extremely popular the world over and putting Macanudo’s flavored cigars on the map.

What They Are Known For
In the years since its founding, Macanudo cigars have become some of the most popular and best-selling cigars in the United States. The Macanudo brand is known for its mature, but mellow flavors and its range of well-loved cigars like the Macanudo Maduro or the Macanudo cru royale. This iconic cigar brand from the Dominican Republic is loved for its well-developed flavors, in part because of its rich tobacco, but also because of the aged wrappers the brand has been committed to using throughout the decades. People return to the brand for its consistent quality and smooth flavors and have made it a major name in cigars as a result.

How to Try
It is fairly easy to get started smoking Macanudo cigars because of the reasonable price point and the wide range of options to choose from. The pricing of these cigars makes exploring the various strengths, flavor blends, sizes, and shapes the brand has to offer without breaking the bank in the process. Feel free to look at descriptions of the brand’s lineup to get an idea of what you would like. If you are still not sure of what your exact preferences are just yet, then don’t worry. These cigars are smooth and mellow, so they are especially easy for beginners to enjoy. You may want to choose from some of the brand’s more popular lines like Macanudo café or Macanudo 1968 to get a good idea of what the brand has to offer. Before committing to an entire bundle, you may want to start your relationship with the brand with miniature packs and cigar tins.

Take your time exploring the Macanudo brand and see which cigars are right for you. You can find different lines and flavor profiles of the brand available at

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