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How to Find Adult Baseball Bats

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Finding an adult baseball bat for yourself can be tricky. Lots of stores nowadays are geared toward young kids learning the sport and have a lot of equipment made for a child’s specifications. They may have an adult section but oftentimes it is sparse and may not have the size, weight, or material you are looking for. Finding an adult bat that is comfortable for you that you are proud to use is extremely important. To find an adult bat that you will want to use, you need to figure out what length and weight you will be comfortable with, then decide on the material you would like your bat to be.

The length of your bat is extremely important. A bat that is too long will affect the power of your swing. If the bat is too short, you run the risk of not having enough plate coverage. To find out if a bat is the right length for you, place the bat upside down with the end of the barrel on the ground and the knob upright next to your body. If the knob can comfortably reach the palm of your hand, this is the correct bat length for you. If you cannot measure a bat in person to determine if it is the correct length, many websites have a size chart that can help you decide on the right length for your bat.

Having a bat that is the right weight is important because the weight will directly affect the power of your swing. If the bat is too heavy, your swing will be slowed and will lose power. If the bat is too light, your swing will be fast but not have enough weight behind it to hit the ball far. Finding the perfect mix of weight and speed for your swing is what will make your bat right for you. A way to test to see if a bat is the correct weight for you is to hold the bat at the handle and extend your arm to your side. If you can hold the bat extended for 30 to 45 seconds while fully extended, then the bat is a comfortable weight for you.

Choosing a material for your bat is based on personal preference. There are two main types of materials for adult baseball bats, wooden bats, and aluminum bats. Wooden bats can be made from maple, birch, or ash and are typically heavier than aluminum bats. Aluminum bats are lighter weight and have a larger sweet spot than wooden bats. It is just a matter of preference when it comes to which material you would like to use. The best way to find out is to test out each type and see what feels comfortable!

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