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A Look At The Bradford Guardian 3

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If you are not already familiar with Bradford Knives, they are a great knife manufacturer based out of Kent, Washington. As an independent knife manufacturer, They are able to design some pretty incredible knives. From their sharp and dependable kitchen knives to their rugged outdoor knives like the Bradford Guardian 3, they will have a great option for anyone.

Like many independent knife manufacturers, Bradford knives was started as a passion project by its founder Brad Larkin. As a lifelong knife enthusiast who grew up working in the family precision machining business, Brad was perfectly suited to start making knives. Once he made his first line of steak knives and received great reviews, he extended into the world of survival knives with the Guardian 3. This knife took off and helped Brad build his business into one that has crafted thousands of knives with the same attention to details as his first projects.

The Guardian 3 is a compact fixed blade full tang knife that was designed to be a versatile EDC option. In order to make the Guardian 3 just as convenient as a folding knife, the small knife comes with a secure horizontal leather belt sheath that makes it easy to draw and use. The Guardian became so popular that it led to its own line of knife models in various sizes all the way up to the Guardian 6.

The Bradford Guardian 3 was designed to be a great general use full tang knife. The knife features a 3 inch blade made from Bohler M390 steel. This steel is manufactured to make dependable and wear resistant parts for industrial applications including ball bearings and jet engine components. The toughness, corrosion resistance, and edge retention on this steel makes it ideal for making knives that are true workhorses. M390 is considered to be one of the best all around blade steels and the blade on the Guardian 3 is definitely sturdy enough to handle hard tasks despite its small size.

The steel blades are double tempered to produce the best possible hardness for completing utility tasks. After the tempering process the knives are also cryo-treated where they are exposed to low temperatures to increase the density of the blade’s grain and improve its mechanical strength. All of these processes lead to blades that make an incredible EDC option.

This blade is sandwiched between comfortably sculpted handle scales. The shape of handles on the Guardian 3 make it easy to work with all day. The scales on these knives vary along with different blade finishes depending on the look and feel that you prefer. The handle scales are made from all sorts of materials like carbon fiber, G-Wood, canvas micarta, and other quality knife handle laminate materials.

As we mentioned before, what makes the Bradford Guardian 3 such a great EDC option is its horizontal leather sheath. This sheath lets you carry this knife comfortably through the day while keeping your pockets open and not restricting your movement. It also keeps your knife nice and secure in transit.

If you are interested in adding the Bradford Guardian 3 to your collection, you can find them at The Knife Connection. As one of the largest online knife retailers in the country, The Knife Connection is dedicated to offering their customers a great selection of knives including products made by independent knife manufacturers like Bradford Knives. You can see all of the Bradford Knives that they have in stock, along with products from plenty of other great manufacturers, when you visit the brands page at

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