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Why the Best AR15 Brass Catcher Is Not Made of Mesh

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Many shooters in need of a practical brass catcher will be familiar with those brass traps that are made of heat-resistant mesh. Several of them have the same basic design. They’re pretty easy to attach and have picatinny rail mounts. The catcher itself is made of a bag of heat-resistant nylon mesh held rigid by a wire frame. They can be swung over the ejection port so that the mesh bag can catch spent brass casing and they often have a zipper at the bottom so that they can easily be emptied.

Many AR-15 brass catchers follow this basic model, but we are here to tell you that the best AR15 brass catcher does not – and it is certainly not made of mesh.

1.Because it won’t melt or catch fire
Mesh AR 15 brass catchers are supposed to be heat resistant, but if you really tax them, they’re prone to melting or even catching fire. Throw enough hot brass in that bag without giving it enough time to cool off and you’ll see how heat resistant they really are. A melted bag or one that catches fire is a range hassle that needs to be addressed immediately, and no one has time for that.

2.Because it won’t rip
A completely separate issue is that mesh bags can be ripped when they get tangled up or inadvertently grabbed. More of an inconvenience than a true issue in design, this still destroys the basic utility of a brass catcher and will require a new one. If you’re going to style a model after the superlative graces of “the best AR15 brass catcher” it had better not rip.

3.Because it won’t obstruct your sight picture
Not only do these classic mesh bag brass catchers take up rail space, but they can also obstruct your sight picture, which can slow you down when trying to get on target or complicate the use of iron sights. A brass catcher, just like any practical firearm accessory, should never obstruct your sight picture.

4.Because it won’t hang up on thorns, twigs or branches
For those who use their sporting rifles in the field for hunting, close country presents a different hassle. Loose clothing, bootlaces, and mesh bags all call to thorns and branches with a siren song, and get irrecoverably tangled up in them. Extricating a mesh bag from the brush is a challenge no hunter will find with favor.

5.Because it will actually be easier to empty
One might think a zippered mesh bag would be easier to empty, but the Brass Goat at Magwell Mounts is even more practical. It’s compatible with a detachable hopper that can be removed and emptied in seconds.

6.The best AR15 brass catcher won’t even take up rail space
Finally, if you’re going to call it the best, you might as well free it from taking up rail space. The Brass Goat by Magwell Mounts does not obstruct rail space and actually mounts to AR-15 lower receivers, without tools, in a matter of seconds.

Since it takes up no rail space, it keeps your sight picture clear as well and leaves your rail free for the mounting of other, more valuable accessories. It’s also manufactured from extremely durable, molded ABS resin so there’s no chance it will melt or catch fire, and since it features solid construction, it won’t tear or hang up on brush.

To learn more about the Brass Goat’s compatibility with specific cartridges and firearms, visit their website, You should be starting to get the impression, but in a nutshell, that’s why the best AR15 brass catcher is not made from mesh.

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