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A Mini Portable Gaming PC Built For Professional Gamers

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Having a reliable gaming rig is not just about raw performance power and flashy aesthetics. If you want to be able to easily take your computer to events without any issues, you also want to factor in its portability as well. A professional-quality mini portable gaming PC will offer all of these qualities rolled into one.

Why Would a Portable Gaming PC Be Necessary?
While many professional events are often held entirely remote these days, big name events and certain tournament circuits are still held entirely in person. There’s something about gathering in one place with the competition, the electricity in the air and the officalness of it all, that lends credibility and gets people hyped for what’s about to occur, regardless of the game being played.

However, it’s also true that not every event you participate in is going to supply you with a computer of your own. Unless you are playing at the top tiers of eSports, chances are you will have to come equipped with your own portable gaming PC in order to participate and join in on the action.

Now, you could lug a full-sized desktop computer around with you, but you might already be aware of the limitations of this idea if you have ever attempted such a feat. Even carrying such computers from one room to another can be a feat, let alone taking one to an event or even a friend’s house for some scrims.

While it’s not the biggest priority for an aspiring pro to get their hands on a powerful mini portable gaming PC, it’s certainly worth the investment to do so. The right gaming computer will simply give you more functionality and usability, depending on your individual needs. If you are the kind of gamer that loves the pro scene and often attends various events, conventions, and tournaments, a PC that’s easy to carry around just makes sense.

The Problem With Smaller Gaming PCs
One thing you don’t want to do is sacrifice quality for the sake of portability. You still have to be able to play the games you love at high enough frame rates to compete effectively. This means that any attempt at using a smaller PC has to be carefully weighed against the kind of performance you can expect to get. At the end of the day, if you are stuck at 60 FPS while everyone else is running circles around you, your team is not going to be very happy.

This is why you need to take a look at the mini portable gaming PCs at CLX. Gaming rigs like the CLX Scarab are specifically designed with a small form factor and superior performance power, that makes them a perfect choice for anyone interested in eSports or professional gaming.

Not only are these gaming PCs portable and power-packed, they also look the part. The CLX Scarab has a sleek and modern design, and can be customized further to suit your specific gaming needs. This goes for the components as well as the interior and exterior paint.

For professional-quality gaming PCs, CLX has the best selection and customizations that will ensure you come away with a rig that is outfitted exactly how you need it to be. Whether you are just getting into the tournament scene or just want to take your computer over to your friend’s house for some competitive gaming fun, the small form factor PCs at CLX have you more than covered. With incredible PC financing options available as well, there’s really no reason not to own a computer that meets your needs.

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