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About RYOT’s Kannastör GR8TR Grinders

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A grinder is a necessary smoking accessory if you smoke loose, dry herbs. They deliver an even consistency that is less likely to produce hot spots, will burn uniformly, and will ensure a more thoroughly enjoyable smoking experience.

Some grinders are certainly better designed than others. Consider RYOT’s Kannastör GR8TR grinders.

They’re available in multiple configurations and sizes, but their basic model, their solid body grinder, offers a lot of features you’ll like. Here’s what you can expect.

RYOT’s Kannastör GR8TR Solid-Body Grinder
One of the best things about the GR8TR solid body grinder is its versatility and modularity.

It has both vape and easy-change grinding plates, a 60-mesh easy-change stainless steel screen (which is corrosion-resistant), and a top lid with storage room.

It also has a storage chamber built in but if you’re not interested in sifting, you can break it apart and reconfigure it to slim down the size.

You can even break it down further and convert it into a super slim, lightweight, discrete grinding puck for travel.

The GR8TR solid-body grinder is also weighed down with number user-friendly features, including but not limited to some of the following.

The grinder plates and screen are easy to swap out, and these grinders also feature a deep dish grinding chamber that makes it easier to grind and contain larger quantities of dry herbs.

These grinders feature a storage lid, so they’re like a stash jar and grinder in one package. They also feature spare grinder plate storage.

As for performance, they feature micro teeth that cut easily and effortlessly, delivering a fine, even consistency every time, with minimal effort. They also feature anti-friction and residue rings that make use even easier.

It is safe to use, as it is made of food-grade quality components, too, so you can rest easy that nothing is contaminating your dry herbs.

These, and their other herb grinders, are available in several different colors and finishes. This one is available in Matte Black, Matte Silver, or Rose Gold.

Finally, the whole thing is covered by a limited lifetime warranty, which is another big bonus.

What Else They Offer
In addition to their Kannastör GR8TR Grinders, RYOT also produces a wide range of other grinders, such as their jar body grinder, mini grinder, Pendant Puck, and V2 Puck.

The latter two options are slim, discreet, and perfect for those that need a grinder for travel or on-the-go living.

Where Can You Learn More About RYOT’s Kannastör GR8TR Grinders?
Visit RYOT’s website or consult a head shop in your area for more information on their Kannastör GR8TR Grinders.

Visit This Head Shop in South Florida
While you can learn more online, if you are near Fort Lauderdale, you should visit The Hip Cat Smoke Shop on Las Olas Boulevard.

Their staff is extremely knowledgeable and they sell RYOT grinders like the GR8TR – plus they sell a ton of other water pipes, glass pipes, and vape and smoking accessories at this head shop in South Florida.

Visit their website (, check out their Instagram page, or plan a trip to their shop today for more information.

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