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About the Nimbus Air Saddle

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Long-distance one-wheelers sure do put a lot of pressure on their “sit bones” for quite long periods of time.

Beyond that, something else that’s often told to new unicyclists is that they have to learn to get comfortable actually putting their weight in the saddle – not standing on the pedals.

One way or the other, if you unicycle a lot, you’re going to be putting a lot of time in the saddle.

For some, this is more comfortable than others. For the rest, there’s the Nimbus Air Saddle.

Introducing the Nimbus Air Saddle
The Nimbus Air Saddle is a game changer for those who want more from their saddles – more comfort and support, specifically.

The secret of this saddle is a special air bladder made of an extremely tough, highly flexible plastic that is baffled and embedded under the cover of the saddle and runs across the entire surface.

This air bladder consists of a series of interconnected pockets and is subdivided into 3 sealed zones at the front, middle, and rear. This allows air to move freely around inside of the bladder as needed, to shape to your contours without bottoming out – giving you what is effectively a customized fit.

The bladder is enveloped in a super-soft, super-comfortable foam that helps it keep its shape and provides further cushioning and comfort to the saddle.

Long-distance unicycling great, Ed Pratt himself, once tested a prototype of this saddle, and no higher praise could come from him: he called it the most comfortable saddle he’d ever ridden.

Another great feature of this saddle is that it has a large grip at the front, giving you a place to rest your hands, allowing you to grip it more like a conventional handlebar, and giving you a lifting point, too.

If you get this saddle (you can learn more at you’ll be happy to know that it comes with bolts and fits a standard seat post with a 4-bolt pillar mounting bracket. Just be aware that it does not work with pivotal seat posts.

Gone (hopefully) are the days of improvising with inner tubes and sticking them under the saddle cover. The Nimbus Air Saddle is just too good to settle for makeshift solutions.

Need a 31.8mm Seatpost Clamp? Parts & Recommendations for Saddle Height Adjustment
Now, a comfortable saddle is not the be-all, end-all of proper comfort when you’re riding a unicycle, whether or not you are a beginner.

That comes also from seat height adjustment and the use of crank arms that are suitable not only for the size of the unicycle but for the application.

Whether you need a new part (such as a 31.8mm seatpost clamp or a new seat tube) or need some more information on how to properly adjust your saddle height, visit (link provided above).

This is also where you will find more information (and an official review of) the Nimbus Air Saddle mentioned here.

Check out their website and if you have more questions, contact them directly at 678-494-4962.

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