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Benefits of Working With Oven Baked Clays for Beginners

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Working with clay is one of the most tactile forms of arts and crafts that you can take part in since it is so hands on. You use a highly malleable material and manipulate it with your bare hands, slowly bringing it to form what you had envisioned. You are creating something beautiful with your own hands which makes the experience feel more exciting in some ways, like the final product is really there because of your artistry and effort.

Working with clays can be incredibly rewarding and accessible to beginners who are unfamiliar with this medium. It just helps to choose the right clays to start off. We recommend that beginners try using oven baked clays, also known as polymer clays, first before considering other types of clay. There are a couple reasons for this, but it ultimately comes down to oven baked clays being the most easy and convenient to use for those who are not already prepared to handle clay. Let’s see what this type of clay has to offer.

Work With What You Have
The great thing about oven baked clays is that they do not require special equipment to complete them. You can craft and set all of your polymer clay projects with the oven you most likely already have at home. Unlike other types of clay which need to be baked in a proper kiln, polymer clay can be baked in an ordinary kitchen oven, making it much more accessible to those just getting started. You do not need to go out and buy a special device or find a shop that has a kiln you can use, you can just use what you already have to complete this crucial step in working with clay.

Super Convenient
Since you can use the oven that is in your own home to create your polymer clay pieces, you do not have to go out of your way to visit a workshop every time you are ready to bake and set your work.

With the right glazes, paints, and sealants, everything can be done right in the comfort of your own home from beginning to end. It also helps that polymer clays are easy to find in a rainbow of colors, so you can find the exact shades you want right off the bat.

We are just excited by claywork and any form of craft that allows people to express their personal artistry, especially if they are in a line of work that does not allow them much room for creativity. It can be a breath of fresh air and a nice change of pace to just sit down and start working with a malleable material to create any design you can imagine.

Oven baked clays in particular are great because they make working with clay so much more accessible to people who have not used clay before. They help to make the introduction and ease people into using clay as often as they like. You can get started using oven baked clays in all sorts of colors right away. Just check out to find all of the polymer clay and other supplies you might need to get your projects going.

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