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BTMS 50: Source, Uses, and Nature

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With the constant innovation of technology in harvesting ingredients and making products applicable for our skin and hair, there seems to be a rising culture of consumers demanding transparency in the products that are sold to them. It does not even matter if the product came from a top manufacturer and a very popular one all over the world, if there’s no indication that the products they are selling are environment-safe, it will be deemed generally undesirable. Because of the various disease and environmental pollution that is being shown to people these days, many have switched to choosing an organic ingredient that is beneficial to us and is also safe for the environment.

Behentrimonium Methosulfate or BTMS for short is a natural, organic ingredient that is derived from Colza or Rapeseed oil and is typically used as an emulsifying wax for lotions, scrubs, and hair conditioners. Wonder why your organic hair conditioner has a creamy texture to it? That’s actually the work of BTMS 50 which allows the ingredients to amalgamate with water without separating.

What is BTMS 50 Good For?
Usually, BTMS 50 is mainly used in hair conditioners and shampoos because of its silky soft effect on the hair without causing irritation. It provides a very thin coating that makes your hair shine which is a very effective natural ingredient for hair care products overall. When used in hair products, it does not create a sticky feel and can be rinsed off easily when you’re back in the shower.

BTMS 50 is also used in making lotions. It does not easily get rubbed off especially if you’re sweating so much out in the sun. It is used to enhance the viscosity of the whole formula in creating lotion products. When you’re going for a swim, it’s best to apply a sunblock with this ingredient as it does not easily become watery or runny, making you protected against the sun’s potentially harmful UV rays.

For lotions and sunblock products containing this ingredient, it is best to shower and scrub your skin with a washcloth so you won’t get irritated by the whole product. Failure to scrub it off several hours of having it on your skin could result in mild irritation. And like any other cleansing, hair care, and skincare product, once it gets into your eye, immediately wash it off with running water. And if the pain persists, call your doctor.

Shop For High-Quality BTMS 50
The earth is full of surprises when it comes to natural ingredients which we were not commonly aware of before their time. Thanks to the innovation of science and technology for making us aware of the things we use on our bodies. Gone are the days when we put our trust wholly in the manufacturer of these products we use, not knowing that they are full of man-made chemicals which—instead of caring for our skin and hair—strip off moisture and natural oils.

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