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Call EMI Audio for Synthesizer Services Addressing These 6 Common Issues

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Depending heavily on the model of synthesizer which you own, you could experience any number of problems. Over time, an analog synthesizer can fall out of tune, dust can obstruct the potentiometers or the key contacts. Old batteries can even fail. Here are 6 issues owners of classic synthesizers may face, which may require them to call in the aid of EMI Audio for synthesizer repair.

1.Dead keys
Vintage synthesizers will often suffer from what is known as a dead key – which, unsurprisingly, is a key that simply doesn’t function. Classic, vintage synths such as some Roland and Korg models as well as some modern designs feature a key contact design that can cause this issue.

When the key contacts become dirty or obstructed, the keys will fail to respond. Sometimes the issue can be fixed simply by cleaning the key contacts, but you can enlist the help of a synthesizer repair specialist to be sure.

2.Dirty switch contacts
Some synthesizers feature switch mechanisms that can falter when the switch contacts become dirty. This can result in double switching, requiring too much pressure, or not switching at all. Usually, these switches can be cleaned and restored.

3.Failed capacitors
Some older synthesizers use tantalum capacitors for their power supplies. However, tantalum capacitors tend to bridge the points at which they are soldered, causing a variety of electrical issues. It can also cause the failure of other features of your equipment.

4.Fading or non-functioning display brightness
Over years of use, a synthesizer’s display can fail or stop working altogether, making it effectively impossible to continue using them effectively. Finding replacements for some old models can be difficult if not impossible – but a synthesizer repair specialist may be able to help.

5.Double-triggering tactile switches
Some synthesizers have tactile switches used for programming and step selection. When the contacts of these switches get dirty, it can cause double-triggering or failure. It’s a lot of work to replace them all, but in many cases, the switches can be replaced.

6.Battery leakage
Some synthesizers that use C-cell batteries may also experience issues with battery leakage that can damage the circuit board and incapacitate the synthesizer. Check the battery compartment for discoloration or call a repair specialist if you suspect this issue.

While it can be disconcerting when such an expensive piece of equipment – and one which may hold a great deal of sentimental value – seems to be failing, you have room for recourse. Even if you’re not electrically savvy yourself, you can call on the professionals at EMI Audio for synthesizer repair.

Family-owned and in business since 1973, EMI Audio delivers uncommon expertise on a wide range of musical instruments and audio equipment, including drum machines, modular systems, power speakers, studio interfaces, DJ controllers, and even lighting.

You can also trust them for synthesizer repair; they actually got their start as a service company and today service over 50 manufacturers. They’re located in Minneapolis, but provide field service and repairs – get in touch with them at 1-800-832-5174 and let them know how they can help!

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