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Choosing a Glass Hand Pipe

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No self respecting smoker doesn’t have their own glass bowls. Glass hand pipes are a staple amongst smokers for a good reason. The borosilicate glass used to construct these pipes is inert, which means that the flavor of the smoke is unaffected, unlike when using wooden or metal pipes. These pipes are also handheld, making them extremely easy to use and to take with you when you are on the go. Still, there are a huge variety of different handheld pipes so it is important to know what you are looking for before you purchase a new pipe.

Why Use a Pipe?
A lot of smokers do not use a pipe but instead roll weed into blunts and joints. While this is a fine way to smoke, it can be wasteful. Rolled weed burns constantly, even when you are not taking a hit. You also have to deal with the fact that resin is building up while you smoke, which can make the last few hits unpleasant. Glass pipes make it easy to take small or large hits as desired and they burn gently between hits, often self extinguishing. If you want to get more out of your bud, then it’s time to invest in a glass smoking pipe. There are a few different types of hand pipes on the market, so today we will be going over each type and their advantages and disadvantages.

Spoon Pipes
Classic glass hand pipes are known as spoon pipes due to their spoon-like shape. This type of pipe can come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, meaning it is easy to find a pipe with a design that you enjoy. Typically these pipes will have a bowl for packing your bud, a mouthpiece for inhaling smoke, and a small third hole on the side known as a carb for managing airflow. If you are looking for your first glass pipe, it is hard to go wrong with a spoon. You can see the bud in the bowl, making it easy to corner your herb and keep a bowl pack going. They are also considered a standard smoking accessory, so you will easily be able to smoke dry herbs with your friends without having to deal with a learning curve.

If you are looking for an even more compact smoking tool, then a chillum might be the best choice. Chillums are cylindrical pipes that are designed with a bowl in the front that is in line with the mouthpiece instead of being oriented at a 90 degree angle like a spoon pipe. Hitting a chillum is similar to lighting a cigar. You cannot see the bowl while lighting, so there is a little less control, but it is easy to learn the technique. There is also usually no carb hole on chillums because they do not have a large internal chamber for holding smoke.

So far we have been looking at dry pipes, but there are plenty of glass hand pipes that use water to cool smoke. Bubblers typically resemble spoon pipes, but with a downstem attached to the base of the bowl that goes into a small water chamber located under the bowl. Passing the smoke through water helps to keep the smoke cool while also removing some harsh water soluble compounds from the smoke, providing a great smoking experience. These pipes are still portable, especially compared to larger water pipes like bongs, but should be drained of water before being transported.

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