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Choosing Between Residential Water Filter Systems

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Having quality drinking water is essential for any home, which is why residential water filter systems are becoming increasingly common in households across the country. Having an at-home water filtration system is an obvious necessity for households with noticeably poor water quality, but water filtration is an important safeguard against poor water quality for every home. Whether or not you have experienced a notable dip in your drinking water quality, you should consider finding a quality home filtration system.

Why is this so important? Well, sadly our senses are just not acute enough to detect all of the dangers in water. Sure if you grab a glass of soul smelling or tasting water, it will be obvious not to drink it, but what about crystal clear water? It may look, smell, and taste like it is safe but sadly you cannot certain detect harmful contaminants and heavy metals like lead. In order to remove and reduce harmful contaminants to safe levels, home water filtration is the best option. Because the water is filtered just prior to consumption, you will always know that your water is clean and safe to drink.

Sadly not all water filters are created equal and some of the most popular options on the market only offer minimal filtration. Case in point, the pitcher filter. These water filters are designed with two reservoirs with a carbon media filter separating them. The weight of the water itself is what pulls the water through the filter cartridge. This means that the carbon filter media in the cartridge itself has to be packed loosely enough to allow water to flow through it instead of just soaking up the water like sand. The loose quality of this media means that water is not going to be fully filtered, at least not compared to the water quality from other home filtration options.

One step up from the pitcher filter is a faucet filter. These are designed to attach to the end of a kitchen faucet, allowing them to operate under the same pressure as your home’s water lines. Typically these filters include a switch to allow the use of unfiltered water for cleaning tasks or to produce filtered water. Because these filters are operating under pressure and using a finer filtration media, they offer pretty great results. The main downside is the fact that they add a bulbous fixture to the end of your faucet. They also require fairly frequent maintenance and can be hard to seal around some faucets.

When it comes to finding the best residential water filter systems, it is hard to beat models that are designed to be installed underneath your sink. These filters are hooked directly into a home water line, allowing them to operate under pressure. They also take up otherwise unused space in your kitchen, allowing them to use large, high capacity cartridges. This means less maintenance for homeowners. On top of that, many of these systems dispense water using a small air gap faucet, so it is easy to make them match the existing look and feel of your kitchen.

If you are looking for a reliable residential water filter system for your home, you should consider Pentair Everpure filters. These filters are extremely easy to install and operate while offering incredible results. They can easily remove lead and other contaminants to ensure that you will always have clean water on hand. To find the perfect Everpure filter for your home, visit Their team of filtration experts are always happy to help their customers enjoy the clean drinking water that every home deserves.

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