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Create a Better Customer Experience with Engraved Metal Name Badges

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A high-quality, professional name badge can improve your customer experience and promote and enhance your brand image, regardless of the materials from which it is made. Even a custom plastic name badge will give everyone branded a sense of personality and identity, encourage and facilitate communication, and give a more pointed impression that your organization runs a tight ship.

This is true even for fairly undifferentiated plastic name badges since they help customers and business partners ascribe a name to a face. When you up the experience a little with something such as a custom printed or a custom cut set of name tags or logo badges, you create a much more refined and sophisticated brand image.

Custom plastic badges are not the only way you can produce a high-quality customer experience and create a sophisticated image for your business and for your employees. You can also boost confidence, raise morale and give your company an inestimable image with engraved metal name badges.

Even the highest quality plastic name badges, including those that are customized, lack a little bit of the integral spirit of engraved metal name tags. The same could even be said for metal name badges that are customized with printing. While there are some very high-quality printed metal name badges available to discerning businesses, there is something about engraving that engenders poise and distinction.

Those qualities of refinement and sophistication are probably where we get expressions like “nothing is set in stone.” That is to say, once something is set in stone it is permanent, enduring, and eternal. That statement might be colorfully hyperbolic, but there is truth enough in it. Engraving a custom metal badge is producing a name tag that, to use the expression, has the force and identity of something that is set in stone – or in this case, in metal.

Engraved metal name badges are badges that you can use over and over again. They will effectively last forever; that is, they will last at least as long as you are willing to provide the minimum maintenance to them. Also, engraved metal badges bear marks of customization that cannot be erased, removed or cleared away. They are the essence of permanence.

Pair up those qualities of endurance with the distinction of handsome metals in the appearance of brushed gold or metallic silver and you have a piece of the company persona that is not only wildly functional but also remarkably handsome. A quality engraved metal name badge, as you can draw from this, is not just a distinct item of identification. It, in itself, is also vested with class and character.

These reasons provide plenty of justification for switching to metal name badges in their own right, but any of you reading this might be able to identify value in them that we have not clearly stated. Metal name badges will last longer than plastic alternatives, they will create a higher sense of sophistication to your employees and to your brand, and they, like their counterparts, will streamline communication in a number of ways.

For those of you looking for high-quality metal name badges, including engraved metal name badges, visit Imprint Plus at You can customize your unique solutions in name badges, professional signage, and identification products. Their catalog includes not only custom printed plastic name tags and lapel pins, but custom printed and engraved metal name badges as well.

To learn more about their services and products, visit their website, where you’ll also find some online tools to help you customize and design your own name badges. You can also reach out to them by phone at 800-563-2464 where you can speak with a professional to help make your vision a reality.

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