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DeMarini Fastpitch Bats: How to Choose the Best One

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In fastpitch softball, there are countless brands available that provide “state-of-the-art” equipment and gear for the game. All claim to be the top-tier brand that anyone and everyone can rely on to get them to their optimal offensive and defensive performance.

However, this isn’t always the case. Not all brands will perfectly cater to all players. Each and every individual player has her own personal preferences, which are impossible for all brands and their gear to sublimely match.

There is one brand, however, that is very likely to make that happen: DeMarini. DeMarini was established in 1999, and their expertise, high-quality materials, and close attention to detail are unparalleled by most other brands in the game.

One of their most popular types of equipment that deserve their own spotlight are their bats. When choosing such piece of gear, there is a whole lot you need to consider– and do so very closely. Let’s take a look at how you can choose the best of the best from all DeMarini fastpitch bats.

Approval from Governing Bodies
Before you even consider weight, length, and other such factors of a specific fastpitch softball bat, you need to first ensure that it is approved for play in your particular league and/or tournaments. If you don’t, you may go through the entire selection process and find out too late that you can’t use it!

There are several common governing bodies in the fastpitch softball world, which are dependent on specific states, areas, and other factors. The major five softball governing bodies, however, are USSSA, ISA, NSA, ASA, and WBSC. Be sure to find out which one (or ones) you use and search for DeMarini fastpitch bats with it (or them) in mind.

Length and Drop Weight
Next up is finding your desired bat’s optimal length and drop weight. As for length, your bat can be anywhere from 28 to 34 inches. There is no science to finding the ideal bat length for you, so you will need to simply practice swinging various lengths to find the right one.

The drop weight of a bat is simply the length minus the weight. The higher this number is, the lighter the bat. Drop weight is restricted in fastpitch softball, but you should strive for a bat that is on the heavier side (if you can manage it comfortably), as this will allow you to hit the ball faster and farther.

Balanced or Endloaded?
Another important point to consider is where you feel comfortable having most of the bat’s weight. If you’d like the bat’s weight to be evenly balanced from knob to end cap, opt for balanced. If you prefer more of it to be in the barrel, then opt for enloaded.

Which DeMarini Bat is the Best?
Now that you know the key factors to consider in choosing the best of the best in terms of DeMarini fastpitch bats, then you should take a look at HbSports and their bat offerings to find the right one for you. They have an abundance of DeMarini fastpitch softball gear and equipment to make your performance on the diamond reach unprecedented heights!

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