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Low-Cost Solutions to Achieve That Rustic Home Vibe

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When you hear about rustic home ideas, you think about antiques and whitewash walls that speak of the French provincial interior feel. However, the term rustic is actually an all-encompassing term reduced to undesirably noticeable imperfections of natural beauty made more modern yet classic at the same time. In other words, you are decorating a new house to look old-fashioned and homey. Below are few cost-effective solutions to achieve the popular trend that is rustic interior design.

More Open Floor Plan
One distinctive feature of a rustic home is its utilization of an open floor plan. Most homeowners who are planning to sell their home in the future would even knock off a whole living room wall to add a porch space where they could place a porch bed in. Rustic homes have more natural light coming in, and so the entire floor space should have extra square feet feel. Another way to achieve this is by removing all ceiling to floor dividers that constrict the space between the living room and the dining space.

Wood and Stone
To add a more gritty vibe, rustic home is decorated with wood beams that augment an appealing facade. They are certainly effective at giving off a French provincial feel with a touch of elegance. Buyers who would see these wooden beams in your living room and kitchen will be able to feel how welcoming and family-friendly your home is. On your front porch wall is a natural stone veneer that elevates the whole farmhouse feel. It also justifies the porch bed you have placed in the porch where potential buyers can picture out more family time and Sundays well-spent.

Warm, Earth Colors
To sum up which colors are these, warm and earthy tones are also called fall colors. Burnt orange, brown, and a few greens make up a nice rustic home theme. Although, we would love to suggest that you keep the whitewashed wall so the other hues would stand out even more giving a substantial flare to the rustic theme you got going on. These colors also add the welcoming feel of the house, its warmth comforting and inviting.

Handcrafted Furniture Items
This is one of the many highlights of a rustic home theme, All furniture pieces from coffee tables to porch beds should be handcrafted. This is due to the fact that uneven surfaces and a few wooden imperfections add a great impact to a cozy farmhouse feel. It is also a great way in keeping with the au naturel French provincial interior sense. Most handcrafted furniture pieces are also antiques, therefore, you may find a few repurposed antique furniture pieces that were given life in a whole other way.

If you’re planning on redoing your whole modern interior into a more rustic design, you’ll be able to achieve a significant amount of ROI once you plan to sell the house in the future. For more handcrafted furniture pieces, porch beds, and/or hanging beds that will make you swing and sway, check out Four Oak Bed Swings. All of the furniture items in their collection are a great addition to your rustic home theme.

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