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Different Types Of Childcare Programs To Choose From

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As a working parent, you may look for the best childcare program that best suits your child. There are different types of childcare programs available today and you will have to choose from the different types of childcare systems that will suit your child’s typical needs. Here are a few most common types of childcare programs described for your understanding.

Traditional daycare center
Majority of daycare centers provide childcare services during regular working hours. Many of them provide either half a day or full day child care and combine meals and field outings with childcare as a package. Many daycare centers bill for a month rather than charging hourly rates. These centers suually have a standardized curriculum.

In-home daycare
These are home-like settings for managing children and do not have a classroom setup. When compared to the conventional daycare centers, these centers have fewer children. Such facilities are usually home-based and hence cost much cheaper than the regular daycare centers.

Nannies are known to provide personalized in-home care for children. They are employed by families that work full time and nannies are usually paid hourly charges and they take care of the children as per a pre-designed schedule. Nannies are preferred if parents expect personal care for their child.

Shared nanny
While the role of a shared nanny is not different from a regular nanny, a shared nanny offers their services to two families at once. This is an economical arrangement as the nanny’s salaries are shared by two families. Also, one another advantage of this model is the enhanced social interaction among the children.

Au pair
Au Pairs are those caregivers hired from overseas who reside with the families. These caregivers are given their own personal rooms and a fixed salary for their services. This is also referred to as ‘live in childcare services’ in which they provide child care as well as carry-on with their day-to-day activities.

Baby sitters can be explained as part-time caregivers who provide their services on hourly charges. Usually, they do not provide regular services. Rather, the families call them whenever their services are needed. In many cases, a familiar school-going kid is given this position which helps them earn some extra money.

Between the ages of 2 and 5 years, children attend preschools. Pre-schools provide age-appropriate training to children along with other preschoolers of the same age group. You might find a good Jewish learning preschool Phoenix East Valley a great option for your child due to the several nice aspects you will find in these centers.

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