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Enhance Your Game Room With a 22 Foot Shuffleboard Table

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Shuffleboard tables are a staple in many game rooms. If you and your family or friends enjoy the game, adding one of these tables to your own home is a great idea.

Which size should you go with, however? These game tables come in several different lengths and price points, which makes choosing which one to purchase somewhat tricky. Here are some pointers to help you out:

Why Shop For a Larger Shuffleboard Table?

Small-sized shuffleboard tables are great, as they are conveniently sized to accommodate most rooms. 9’ and 12’ size shuffleboard tables are excellent starter tables for those of us who love shuffleboard but who might not have the room or the budget for a full size. Over time, however, you will start to master a smaller table. For maximum challenge, a longer table will serve you better. 

The benefit of having a larger table is that you will be able to play closer to the true spirit of the game. Larger tables allow for more elbow room, and more dynamic play. 22 foot shuffleboard tables are regulation size, meaning that these are the ones professionals play on. So if you really want that authentic shuffleboard experience that will give your game room that extra touch, it makes sense to go for the larger tables. For optimal long term enjoyment of your table, we always recommend to go as long as budget and space will allow.

What to Consider When Purchasing a 22 Foot Long Shuffleboard Table

There’s a reason why shuffleboard tables come in different sizes! Not every room can accommodate a 22 foot shuffleboard table comfortably. This means having more than enough room for the table and for the actual players to be able to maneuver around the board without feeling cramped. Irrespective of the overall length of the table, you need to allow a minimum of three feet on each end of the table. For example, a 22 foot table requires 28 feet overall,  an 18 foot needs 24 feet and a 9 foot needs 15 feet.

If you have a dedicated game room, you will also want to consider the other game tables or game cabinets that you might have in the vicinity. You also don’t want to interfere with the play space for those games as well. On the other hand, shuffleboard goes nicely against the wall and can very often be accommodated even where other games cannot.

So before anything else, be sure to measure the space you plan on using for a 22’ table and be sure to take into account the surrounding area. Once you have confirmed that you have the space, you need to evaluate the path for moving the table into the room. Make sure to consider any turns and measure to make sure there is clearance. Since egress is sometimes accomplished by lifting the playfield on an angle, we recommend using an extension ladder opened to the largest length and then trying the route. Keep in mind that for pro series tables the cradle will come in two pieces, so the largest cradle length is one half the overall length. Playfields are one foot less than the table length. For example, a 22 foot shuffleboard table will have two cradles that are each 11 feet long and a playfield that is 21 feet long. If you select a two piece playfield option, the longest playfield piece would then be 10.5 feet.

Once you know for certain that your game room can accommodate such a large table, it’s time to start shopping.

Where to Find a High-Quality 22 Foot Shuffleboard Table?

If you already have game tables in your home, you might already have an idea as to what to look for when shopping for them.

Quality is everything here. These are not your typical pieces of furniture or decor, to say the least. You want to be very meticulous about the quality of the piece you are planning on buying, so that you get a shuffleboard table that will hold up year after year. Something you can feel confident in playing for hours on, that will become a staple in your home for you and your family to enjoy.

That being said, we recommend checking out the selection of shuffleboard tables available at They have an enormous selection of game tables, including a wide variety of shuffleboard tables in varying sizes and styles.

What’s great about eFamilyFun is that their products are high-quality and they have an ample selection that will really let you find a game table that fits your unique needs. Whether you want to go all-out and snag a beautiful full-sized 22 foot shuffleboard table or something a bit smaller to start out with, they have it all.

Another great reason to shop with eFamilyFun? They offer convenient payment options with Klarna, so you don’t have to worry about paying everything all in one go.

When it comes to game room additions that are truly worth the investment, eFamilyFun has what you’re looking for. Take a look at their selection of shuffleboard tables today or give them a call at (877) 358-5579 for more information.

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