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French Country Furniture: Antique French Trestle Table

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Fine craftsmanship and everyday comfort are valued in French country furniture. From antique French trestle tables to decorative chandeliers, shapely mirrors, and huge wall clocks, French country furniture is as stylish as it is laid-back.

Distressing is a favorite of French country furniture. Because a French country-style room is a mix of old and contemporary, furniture that has some history is welcome.

French country has a warm, friendly appeal because it is worn in and imperfect around the edges. It’s simple to add French rural charm to furniture pieces in any room thanks to the popularity of distressing.

Short History of French Country Furniture
In the 1600s, King Louis the XIV of France began work on rebuilding the Palace of Versailles. To plan, design, and build what was to be the world’s most exquisite palace, only the best were employed.

With the passage of time, the general public became charmed with the palace’s opulent decor and wished to recreate it in their own country estates.

They began to establish a style that supported everyday living while exhibiting a refined aspect because they could not afford furnishings on the same level as the palace. As a result, the French country style emerged.

During the 18th century, the “country French” appearance began to take shape.

The modern trestle table evolved from the Western practice of laying boards on trestles and erecting them only when needed for meals.

Long, thin trestle-style tablets descended from refectory tables, which were utilized in monastic dining areas.

A similar medieval-style eating table was created for four legs, which were linked at the foot by robust stretchers.

Early dining tables, often known as “joined tables,” were huge and frequently included draw-leaves to expand their capacity.

French Trestle Table
Today, the French trestle table is still popular. Because of its one-of-a-kind combination of opulence and simplicity, it offers the modern world that still loves everything antique and French, a peek into its rich history.

These days, a table completes a home. Apart from serving as the social hub of our homes, tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all of which seem to entice us with the promise of unlimited comfort and function.

The classic trestle table is made up of two or three trestles supports connected by a longitudinal cross-member, which is used to hold a board or tabletop. The oldest iterations of the table, which consisted of wood planks resting on trestles, appeared in the Middle Ages.

Because people didn’t have designated eating areas back then, portability was essential. Later, they evolved into proper monastic tables, and finally into the stunning centerpieces found in today’s homes.

Want a French Trestle Table?
If you’re shopping for a French trestle table, choose a rectangular French country table with benches instead of dining seats for a truly rural feel.

An added benefit of getting benches for your trestle table is that they can seat a large family or group for feasts.

Antique, vintage, or handcrafted French country sets may make a magnificent design statement and set the tone for an entire home, but they can be quite costly.

However, many low-cost or mass-produced French country dining tables with designs inspired by those classics may be found at affordable prices.

You Can Have an Antique Reproduction
If the use of aged and faded finishes appeals to you or if you love antiques, you can purchase a reproduction of an antique French trestle table.

Visit Eloquence. They offer reproductions of French country furniture that are sure to complement antique furniture in your home. Drop by their site today and check out their collections of shabby chic and French country-style furniture.

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