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What Makes An Online Custom PC Builder Great?

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So, you have decided to build your own gaming computer online. However, there are many options online that offer seemingly great customization options. This includes big brands and OEMs offering prebuilt computers that look like video game consoles and have ravishing reviews online. But, and there is always a “but”, these prebuilt gaming PCs limp from the same leg they always have; locked parts, bloatware, the near-impossibility of upgrading your rig… you name it.

Bloatware is preinstalled software that you won’t use, and that often makes your system slow. They can come in the form of antiviruses, alternatives to office apps, or games and browsers you will immediately try to uninstall as soon as you get your prebuilt PC.

Furthermore, these PCs lack personalization as they do not include the components YOU want; their only current advantage over custom-built PCs is the aesthetics. Many of them look like alien spaceships or gaming consoles. But that’s pretty much it. Unlike custom-built PCs that you can modify all you want, prebuilt rigs remain at their price-point and performance values, which might not be satisfactory to YOU as an enthusiast gamer.

Having said that let’s take a look at what separates a good online custom PC builder from the rest of the pile:

First and foremost, a good custom PC builder should offer truly customizable (and upgradable) parts. They offer to change everything down the cooling paste. The best online custom PC builders will allow you to compare performances between parts so you don’t have to have dozens of browser tabs open with benchmarks and whatnot. This means you never have to worry about compatibility issues or bottlenecking your rig.

A feature I love seeing when I visit custom PC builders is their overclocking and water cooling installation services.

Chip manufacturers today are a lot more open about how their chips are created. They are throttled down to make sure your CPU or GPU is stable and lasts a few more years than recommended. However, they unlock them so you can tinker with them and unleash their true potential. Let’s be honest, if you are willing to invest in a high-end computer, chances are you also want to squeeze it for all of the hertz and FPS it can give you.

Now, this can be risky as you can push your chips beyond stability and cause serious harm if you don’t know what you´re doing. Moreover, you need to control temperatures like a pro as any slight increase in voltage can represent a temperature spike of 10 degrees.

Some custom PC builders offer overclocking and cooling services so you can be sure you will get a completely stable and cool machine that delivers a lot more FPS than stock parts. The fact that they have experts doing this job guarantees superior cable management and that even mid-size towers won´t represent a challenge when installing complex water cooling options.

I love dealing with CLX Gaming as they always offer top-notch customer service and their builds are literally out of this world. They have put together many rigs for me, and they always outperform anything I can build myself. They even offer bespoke chassis designs that give your case a unique look and will ship your PC in an awesome wooden crate for increased protection. Visit their store today and fnf out why they are the best custom PC builder online.

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