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Here’s What Comes with a Goodman 5 Ton Heat Pump Package Unit

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All homes and businesses are different and therefore will not have the same needs in HVAC systems. A split system might be better for homes with less space indoors whereas a traditional packaged unit with an air handler might be better for larger homes, especially those in large climates. Let alone the fact that the weather varies so significantly across the country.

Since they’re all different, no two HVAC systems will quite make the grade in exactly the same way. They can, however, be assessed by the objective features they possess. An evaluation of a Goodman 5 ton heat pump package unit will serve as an illustration.

The Goodman (GPH1660H41) 5 ton heat pump package unit is one such example. Available at Budget Air Supply, this heat pump pack comes with a lot of features that serve as complements to its available power for heating and cooling.

Like other heat pumps, this system is effective at both cooling and heating a space, and offers some advantages in terms of longevity and energy efficiency, despite the initial investment in cost. This 15.5 SEER model comes with a 2 stage compressor that is covered by a 10 year warranty.

It is important to note that two stage compressors are more efficient than single stage compressors, requiring less energy to perform the same amount of work; this lends to the energy-efficiency for which this and other heat pumps are known. This model’s compressor also comes with an internal relief valve which is an important safety feature to protect the model, preventing the compressor from damage due to overpressurization, should some failure ever cause that to occur.

It also comes with an EEM blower motor. Also known as ECM motors, EEM motors provide variable air flow and this also further enhances the energy efficiency of the unit in question. Variable speed motors enable the system to provide the airflow necessary given the load, and no more, optimizing energy use and helping to keep costs down while keeping you and your family comfortable.

The fan motor on this system is also totally enclosed and permanent lubricated for performance, reliability and longevity. It’s also capable of providing for quiet horizontal discharge, which is a bonus for homeowners that have had concerns about loud HVAC systems, specifically compressors, in the past. They can be very loud, but this 5 ton heat pump package unit only reaches about 80 DB.

The system is housed in a heavy gauge galvanized steel cabinet that comes with a powder paint finish, a necessity considering the fact that this unit will have to buck the elements regardless of wherever it is installed. Though the blower compartment is well insulated and protected, it still provides a convenient access panel, and the condenser coils are well protected too.

As for the power of this unit, it can bring a lot to the table. This model is capable of delivering a respectable dosage of chill factor, coming in just shy of 60,000 BTUs, at 57,500. It’s not quite as powerful or efficient at heating, but it can still serve up 41,000 BTUs of heating power. Power is often the bottom line in HVAC, and this system brings a lot of it, in a durable, well-protected format that also happens to be fairly energy efficient.

To learn more about this packaged heat pump or the other air conditioners available at Budget Air Supply, visit their website at BudgetAirSupply.com or contact them at 855-473-6484. Their team will answer your questions and fill you in on anything you need to know, especially on more detailed technical features of their systems.

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