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Providing Additional Auxiliary Lighting and Performance to Your Jeep with a Jeep Wrangler Light Bar

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Many models of Jeep are excellent vehicles for those who love to get off the grid and tackle the trails. They handle excellently in a variety of adverse conditions and over harsh landscapes, tackling snow, rain, mud and even rocks with surprising facility. There are few better vehicles you could choose to git a trail in than a Jeep Wrangler.

While Jeep Wranglers, even base models, are well-equipped to tackle the wild, there are many customizations that enterprising owners can make to them to provide them with additional functionality and enhanced capabilities. One of the more practical customizations that insightful owners make to their Jeeps is the addition of auxiliary lighting in the form of a Jeep Wrangler light bar., specifically one of the LED light bars available at Diode Dynamics.

While some Jeep owners might justifiably shy away from adding auxiliary LED lights to their Jeeps simply because they are difficult to wire or mount, occasionally requiring extensive or permanent modding to be compatible with specific vehicles, including Jeeps. These problems are handily solved by the light bars and mounts available at Diode Dynamics.

Diode Dynamics’ Jeep Wrangler Light Bars can be paired with a variety of mount kits that come with mounting brackets, spacers and hardware and are specifically CAD-designed for direct fitment to factory mounting points on Jeep Wranglers. For example, their hood light mounts (for below-Jeep windshield mounting) and bumper mounts for their LED light bars require no cutting, drilling or permanent mods and will mount directly to factory mounting points with the included hardware.

The high-quality mount kits themselves are also durable and reliable. They feature tough, powder-coated steel construction to last through the worst of it, and are even designed to cut back on noise produced through wind-whistling.

As for the LED light bars, they are available in a range of colors and pattern options, including a wide flood spread, a more narrowly focused driving light spread and a combo pattern. They’re not just for off-road – the driving pattern is SAE and DOT compliant, making them street legal (pursuant to other local codes – be sure to check) as supplements to your headlights or high beams.

The light bars also feature Diode Dynamics’ proprietary TIR, or total internal reflection, optics. This superior optical focus captures and directs all of the light output exactly where you want it. The result is a beam that appears crisper, better focused, and brighter.

The light bars themselves also come with a bare pigtail but Diode Dynamics also sells wiring harnesses for them that facilitate installation. You can do the wiring yourself and both an installation guide and a wiring guide are available on their website,

Their Jeep Wrangler light bars are the clear answer to the question of adding functional, practical and reliable LED auxiliary lights to a Jeep. If you’re looking for a Jeep hood light for your Wrangler, you won’t be able to do better. Diode Dynamics sets the pace in their industry.

Visit their website,, or get in touch with them at 314-205-3033 or at [email protected] to learn more about their products.

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