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How Pentair Cartridge Filters Work?

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There are a lot of different home water filtration systems on the market today and some of the best systems are designed to be built in underneath your kitchen sink to deliver filtered water on demand. When it comes to quality, these systems are able to provide crystal clear water whenever you need it, making them extremely efficient for homeowners. Pentair cartridge filters in their Everpure line are designed to be both extremely efficient filters and are extremely easy to use. Today we’ll take a look at what makes these systems such a great option for homeowners.

Water Quality
One of the biggest advantages to using one of these filters is the water quality that they deliver. Everpure home water filters by Pentair are designed to remove the waterborne contaminants that are responsible for foul tastes and odors in your drinking water. They can also remove and reduce the presence of harmful biological cysts and heavy metals like lead from your water.

Installing a Pentair cartridge filter in your home couldn’t be easier. You don’t need any prior plumbing experience. With a few simple hand tools and the ability to follow some simple instructions, you will be able to add one of these filters to your home kitchen. For more Everpure filter systems, you will have to add a dedicated small secondary faucet for dispensing your filtered water. If adding a new fixture to your counter or sink is not ideal, there are also full flow systems that dispense water using the cold side of your existing faucet.

The effectiveness of these filters comes from their ability to remove contaminants quickly and efficiently. This is achieved using Pentair’s proprietary Micro-Pure filtration media. This carbon based material can remove contaminants as small as half a micron in size. Many of the cartridges are designed to offer the perfect balance of surface area and water flow so you can always get the fresh water you need when you need it. On top of that, the metal filter cartridges are lined with a bacteriostatic layer that prevents captured bacteria from multiplying within the cartridge.

Because these systems are designed to be mounted underneath your kitchen sink and operate under pressure from your home water line, their cartridges are large and packed with filtering power. The lowest capacity cartridge from Pentair’s Everpure line is 300 gallons per cartridge, but some systems can provide thousands of gallons of water per cartridge. Typically the only maintenance that you will have to perform is to install a replacement cartridge every year. This process is about as complicated as changing a lightbulb, meaning that you can enjoy the convenience of always having freshly filtered water available at the cost of only a minute or two per year.

If you want to add a Pentair cartridge filter to your home, you can find a great variety of options when you visit The team at efilters are experts in using these systems and they are always happy to help their customers find the perfect solution for their home water filtration needs.

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