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How to Create Your Own French Provincial Bedroom Set

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For many people, the classic French style is sort of the ideal for decorating your home. It creates a romantic, effortless look that feels simultaneously casual and decorative somehow. It may also feel comforting and familiar since so many of us have seen these kinds of styles in film and television from a young age in historical pieces that were inspired by the time.

The provincial style, as opposed to the more elaborate, regal style of French royalty seems to be much more popular among folks looking to design and decorate their homes because it feels so much more approachable and achievable. As lovely as it might be, a more elaborate design inspired by French monarchy like King Louis XIV could be seen as being too gauche or overdone. It does not blend in as well into an ordinary home as you might want.

Instead, people often turn to something that feels much more approachable like the provincial style of France a few centuries ago. This is inspired by the designs people enjoyed in the French countryside, which were still decorative and beautiful in their own ways, but less ostentatious. They focused on more toned-down, folksy styles that felt almost rustic at times, with a true ease about them. This provincial style feels well-suited for homes and smaller rooms in the home that you want to make feel more intimate and cozy like a bedroom. Since so many people, in fact, are looking to create a French provincial bedroom set in their rooms, we prepared a quick guide on what to look for to make this happen.

You can create your own French provincial bedroom set just by picking out a few particular pieces of furniture in the right style.

Bed Frame
The bed frame is the center of the room and has the ability to frame the way that your bedroom looks. Start with this piece and go out from there to bring everything together.

This bed frame could be more simplified with a classic wood frame or more elaborate with a tufted back panel. You can even choose a canopy bed for a bit more flair and extra control over the temperature in your bed, as canopy beds were designed for.

End of Bed Bench
A bench for the bedroom is a much smaller detail, but it is still quite popular as a seat to help while getting dressed or a place to rest your clothing. It adds to the style of the bed frame and extends the bed, making it look more grand. This is a simple item by design, so you can choose whichever style enhances the bed even if it is more subtle.

French Style Dresser
This is a much larger element in the bedroom, so the style you choose for this can also greatly influence the way that your room appears much like the bed does. This item can be very useful in framing the French provincial bedroom set that you want to create in your room, so look for a piece that more distinctly represents the style of the traditional French countryside.

Antique Nightstand
The nightstand is such a simple, but practical piece of furniture in just about any home. It is a smaller item, but it can still play up the look that you are trying to create in your room. Ideally you would want to look for a style that matches or complements the style of your bed frame and dresser, linking the two together.

You can shop for French-inspired furniture online at where they offer lots of high-quality antique-inspired furniture for the home. They often pull references from France and create beautiful pieces to complete your home in the style you prefer. You can pull together your perfect French provincial bedroom set with pieces found there easily.

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