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How to Shop Top Rated Cigars

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As a self-proclaimed cigar expert or at least cigar enthusiast, you probably like staying in-the-know when it comes to cigar releases and what is at the top of everyone’s lists. You want to see which brands are coming out with a new line or discontinuing an old one. You just want to know what is happening in the world of cigars on the whole. All of this can be a lot of information to process all at once and it can be especially difficult if you do not have the free time needed to fully explore everything going, on at every company, with every product and everything else under the sun. No one can expect the average cigar lover to know all of these details at all times. So how is one supposed to keep up with the ever-changing list of top rated cigars? There are a few ways to find out which cigars have been popping up and getting more attention recently and this list should provide you with some ideas.

Top Cigars of the Year

For a more broad look at what has been trending recently, you can look to lists of top rated cigars for the year. This gives you a pretty wide-spanning list of which cigar lines had been doing well consistently for months among new customers as well as repeat buyers. Cigars that are considered among the top rated cigars for the year either did well throughout the year or came along later in the year, but made such a huge splash that they earned a spot on the list. Check out all the items that got a good amount of attention from a large number of people, and then received more attention after being mentioned on a year-long list.

Staff Recommendations

A less thought of method for finding great cigars is seeing what staff members at cigar companies are recommending. These are people who not only love cigars but make their livelihood off of cigars. When you combine that with the number of cigars that they have been exposed to over the months or years, you have to imagine a wide breadth of knowledge and firsthand experience with cigars of all kinds. All of this provides great insight for coming to your own conclusions about what makes for the best cigars. These are their personal opinions, of course, so you might not have the same taste or preferences, but with all of that knowledge behind them, it is certainly worth a try.

Highly Rated

This one might be a little on-the-nose, but if it works, then there’s no argument. You can visit the websites of cigar retailers and look for products with the highest reviews. This gives you an honest look at “top rated cigars” as told by the customers themselves, the ones purchasing cigars with their hard-earned money and smoking them at home. Compare cigars by the number of reviews and stars along with the comments people leave under each one. Filter the cigars to see the most highly rated and look around at what people have enjoyed buying from that shop in particular.

With an idea of where to look, you can stay up to date with the current waves of what is rising in popularity in the world of top rated cigars. Keep your eyes open and be on the lookout for up-and-coming brands or cigar lines that sell out as soon as they get posted. For an even more steady stream of cigar content rushed straight to your inbox, consider signing up for newsletters from cigar retailers like Atlantic Cigar Co where you can find all of this information and more for your enjoyment.

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