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Is Buying Wholesale Mac Computers A Good Investment?

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Macs aren’t cheap. When compared to similarly specced PCs, Apple computers give the impression of being too expensive. However, PC and Mac are worlds apart when it comes to performance, versatility, and value retention. And this is doubly so when you need to furnish your office, school, or library with high-performance computers that will increase productivity or enhance the learning experience of users. In the long run, buying wholesale Mac computers gives you the most bang for your buck in more ways than one.

Let’s see why this is true.

Most people are familiar with Windows operating systems. They are ubiquitous, and even kids know how to perform most tasks in them. However, Microsoft is constantly updating your system in the background and filling up your computer with conflicting registry files and whatnot, which ends up making your computer unstable with unexplainable memory errors or Blue Screen of Death instances.

The macOS has proven to be a lot more stable, giving users a solid performance for years. Moreover, their App Store allows you to upgrade your operating system to the version you want without a hassle, so you´re always in control of what happens to your computer.

As stated before, most people are familiar with Microsoft´s operating system. In fact, 87% of computers around the world run on Windows, making it a more desirable target for cybercriminals. Most viruses, malware, and ransomware today are designed to run on Windows. That’s why you will hardly hear about cyber attacks directed at Apple computers.

This is not to say it isn’t possible. But Apple systems do not represent a viable target for people who want to infect computers at a massive scale. In the eyes of criminals, they´re not worth the effort.

Value Retention
This is where Mac computers really shine. While Macs can be perceived as pricey, we should not only focus on the cost of acquisition but their residual value.

If you buy a high-performance PC today, you will have a hard time getting its value back in a three-year period. On the other hand, Macs retain 50% to 70% of their value even after 5 years in some cases.

This has a lot to do with the build quality, peripherals, and performance. Old Macs tend to be faster than PCs with the same specs, and they offer a superior user experience overall.

Businesses and institutions operating on Mac-based systems have come to understand this. Making the transition from PC to Apple might seem a bit steep in terms of money. However, you can be certain you will be able to upgrade your hardware every year for a fraction of the price as your old hardware will retain its value, providing you with solid capital for future investments.

In contrast, selling 1-year old PCs will never yield enough money to justify the initial investment.

That is why a lot of businesses and organizations choose to buy refurbished Apple products in bulk. They know that they won’t lose their value, and they will provide enhanced performance for years to come.

If you are shopping for computers in bulk, consider buying wholesale Mac computers. While they won´t be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, certified resellers usually provide certain protections.

We recommend visiting Mac of All Trades. They offer very attractive discounts and financing options based on volume, and special offers for educational buyers. They are a reputable company and have a no-hassle return policy. If you want to furnish your business or classroom with the best computers in the market, visit their store today.

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