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Knife Handles: Choosing the Right One

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Knife handles are one of the main characteristics of a good knife. The value of having a high-quality knife cannot be overemphasized whether you are a camper or someone who is just looking for a quality, hard-working tool to carry.

The environment can be harsh at times, and its important to have tools that can handle rough conditions. That not only means a knife made from quality steel, but also a knife with a solid handle.

When it comes to high-quality knife handle materials, users have a lot of options. We’ll take a look at different handles available to you. This post will help you make the best decision possible for your next knife and its handle.

Material Types
Metal, synthetic, or natural materials can all be used for handles. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so what you choose may sometimes depend on your personal preferences.

Metal Handles
Examples of meta handles are stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium.

● Stainless Steel
Stainless steel is extremely durable and corrosion-resistant, although it is not particularly light. Stainless steel handles are also prone to slipping so they’re frequently combined with plastic or rubber to improve grip.

Aluminum is a fairly durable material and it is frequently anodized for color, hardness, and protection. Aluminum is a low-density metal so it feels solid and weighty but not too heavy.

A textured aluminum handle can provide a moderately secure grip. It will also be comfortable to hold so you can use it for extended periods at a time. On the flip side, given its conductive capabilities, if you use your knife frequently during the cooler winter months, you may find the handle uncomfortably cold.

Titanium is a lightweight metal alloy with the highest corrosion resistance of any metal. It’s a touch heavier than aluminum, but it’s still a lightweight metal with a lot of strength.

Titanium is one of the few metals that has a warm feel to it, so compared to aluminum, titanium is more comfortable to use in winter.

Synthetic Handles
Two of the most popular synthetic handles are Micarta and G-10. Continue reading to compare both.

● Micarta
Micarta is a well-known brand of handles for knives. It is a lightweight, robust, and dressier-looking product than the G-10. It was created as an electrical insulator and is easily one of the best plastics for creating handles on the market.

Unfortunately, Micarta has no surface texture, is extremely slippery and smooth, and requires a significant amount of manual labor to create and then carve a texture into the knife. So, Micarta can be more expensive, which means a more expensive knife as well.

● G-10
G-10 is exceptionally tough, hard, lightweight, and strong. G-10 is the toughest of all the fiberglass resin laminates, and it’s even tougher than Micarta.

The handle is textured which provides a secure and pleasant grip. To generate a distinctive cosmetic effect on the G-10 handle, the manufacturing process might use many layers of the same color or a variety of hues. Because G-10 is sturdy and lightweight, non-porous, and comes in a range of colors, it is ideal for tactical folders and fixed blade knives.

Natural Material Handles
Handles can be made of natural materials such as bones, wood, leather, and mother of pearl. Wood and leather are both inexpensive and a good choice if you want something traditional. However, materials like bone are porous and can get slippery in your hands, while leather isn’t strong and durable.

Wood handles offer variety and can be durable as well, even though the nature of the material means it’s porous and therefore prone to splits and cracks. Mother of Pearl can be expensive but its natural beauty is perfect for those who want something unique.

Whatever handle you choose, make sure you pair it with a good blade. If you’re looking for scale replacements, visit The Knife Connection. They have everything from knife handles to collector item knives, tactical knives, EDC, and more. Check out their online store today!

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