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Land Survey Services in Penticton

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Land surveyors are integral players in the land development journey. They conduct comprehensive land surveys using their unique skill set, intensive industry knowledge and the latest technical intel. Land surveying services in Penticton are commonly required by buyers, sellers, and even financial institutions to review and evaluate the different properties or lands.
Land surveying companies offer a whole range of land surveying services for diverse industrial, residential and commercial clients. Choosing the right kind of services helps manage associated costs and time devoted for completing the land surveying project.
Here is a list of the commonly offered land survey services in Penticton:
1. Real Property Report (RPR)
The Residential Property Report (RPR) is a legal document detailing the property’s boundaries, fences, buildings, structures, premises, decks, etc.
All dimensions and measurements (sometimes along with all available pictures) in the report. This is quite beneficial for all buyers and sellers.
2. Land Development Surveys
A land development survey was done for small-sized residential to large scale condominium developments. In addition, it is also suitable for all types and sizes of projects. In fact, it is a great fit for commercial and industrial projects.
3. Construction Surveys
A construction survey is best put to use while constructing roads, highways, bridges, buildings, etc. Such surveys are great for detailed insights on land planning.
4. Pipeline & Pipeline Integrity 
Services such as linear planning, utilising imagery and LiDAR, pipeline construction, integrity dig surveys, route planning, alignment sheets, project/regulatory mapping, drone surveys, etc. are offered by advanced land survey teams. Such surveys are essential for adhering to required precautions for maintaining pipelines and ensuring regulatory compliances.
5. Energy Survey 
Energy surveys are best suited for energy clients. It encompasses common services including pipeline surveys, facility surveys, drilling program planning, regulatory plans, site civil design, wellsite and padsite surveys, and the like.
6. Mining Survey 
Mining survey is suitable for a project that needs surveying and mapping in a mining project. What a land surveyor will typically do for you is help discover resources to be mined and extracted. These are then used for further project development.
7. Utilities Survey 
The Utilities survey is used in the utility industry including sewage, electricity, fibre-optics, water lines, natural gas, etc.
This type of survey will include your land surveyor offering services such as mine design, mine planning, geological modelling services, etc.
A trusted company will help to customise a project-suitable basket of services for you. Conduct a thorough google research and zero down on the most trusted land surveying company.
CORE Geomatics
CORE Geomatics offers a wide range of land surveying services and geospatial solutions. The company is highly preferred for its customised land survey packages as per the specific client needs. The latest innovations, technical expertise and industry best practices make CORE Geomatics the best choice for residential, commercial and corporate projects.
To get the best land survey services in Penticton, contact their team of land surveyors today!
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