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Callaway Driver Shafts: Pairing the Mitsubishi TENSEI AV Blue with the Rogue ST MAX

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Got a Callaway Rogue ST MAX? Thinking about getting one?

Make sure you get the right Callaway driver shaft for it.

Here’s what you should know.

Breaking Them Down: The Rogue ST MAX
The Callaway ROGUE ST MAX is a high-MOI clubhead with a slight draw bias that’s perfect for golfers of all skill levels and swing speeds.

It features numerous technologically advanced and proprietary features that optimize it for stability and energy transfer.

One of these is a 26g Tungsten Speed Cartridge which lowers the CG and increases speed on off-center hits while improving stability.

Another is Callaway’s AI-designed “Jailbreak Speed Frame,” which vastly improves both horizontal and torsional stability, improving energy transfer and forgiveness.

Rogue ST MAX drivers are also crafted with AI-designed face cups that increase speed and forgiveness and minimize spin.

Callway’s Rogue ST MAX drivers also feature an extremely strong, extremely stable, and surprisingly lightweight titanium unibody construction.

This unique construction improves stability and lowers the center of gravity. It’s also paired with Triaxial Carbon crowns and soles that lighten the head and redistribute weight, improving forgiveness and increasing launch height.

Taken all together, Callaway Rogue ST MAX drivers are exceptionally stable and forgiving, capable of producing surprising range while minimizing shot dispersion thanks to their low-spin characteristics.

This makes them suitable for a wide range of different golfers, even those on the ends of the swing speed spectrum.

Provided, that is, that they are paired with the right Callaway driver shafts. The Mitsubishi TENSEI AV Blue is one of those that Callaway suggests.

Why This Makes the MCA TENSEI AV Blue a Suitable Callaway Driver Shaft (For Players with Strong Swing Speeds)
Since forgiveness and stability are baked into the very DNA of the Callaway Rogue ST MAX driver, they don’t necessarily need to come from the shaft.

At least not for players with strong swing speeds and fast tempos. These facts make the Mitsubishi TENSEI AV Blue an excellent Callaway driver shaft for these clubs.

The MCA TENSEI AV Blue is made with ultra-lightweight materials and low-resin content prepreg carbon fiber, both of which lighten the swing weight, minimize shaft thickness, and improve strength and stability.

MCA TENSEI AV Blue shafts are also made with Aluminum Vapor Deposited Fiber which helps create a tighter, thinner weave – making these shafts stronger, longer, and more stable.

These Mitsubishi shafts are also made with “Straight Flight Weighting” (SFW) technology, which helps correct the problem that some golfers have of squaring the club face with a very light shaft.

This technology manifests in a small section of tungsten-weighted prepreg material under the lower end of the shaft’s grip, which helps the golfer turn the shaft over, squaring the face and minimizing shot errors.

Taken in sum, these features improve shaft stiffness and stability, reduce ovaling, and improve energy transfer, which is essential for players with strong swing speeds.

The Rogue ST MAX offers the forgiveness, and the MCA TENSEI AV Blue helps provide smash factor.

You provide the rest.

Is It the Only One?
No, the Mitsubishi TENSEI AV Blue is not the only Callaway driver shaft suggested for the Rogue ST MAX. Other suitable options are the TENSEI AV White and Project X Cypher Black.

Which one is right for you will depend on what your skill set is and what your needs and goals are.

To determine the perfect pairing for your skills, work with a golf club fitter directly. They’ll help you find the Callaway golf driver shaft that’s ideal for your Rogue ST MAX.

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