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Meet Our Favorite Black Owned Soap Company

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A habit that many of us are trying to be better at doing instinctively, is supporting small, POC owned businesses. It is a great way to show support to these communities and make sure that your money is being spent on businesses that you can really stand by. You can vote with your money to show that you appreciate small, minority-owned businesses that promote generational wealth, financial independence, and better resources for disenfranchised communities.

With your mindset on basic personal care products, and self-care habits, you should take another look at the bath and body care you have been using all this time.

This could be a great opportunity for you to change up some of your regular buying habits and start purchasing from Black-owned businesses consistently instead. Turn all of your daily use items into repurchases from Black-owned companies. There are some incredible examples out there that we love, but today we want to focus on a recent discovery that has quickly become a new favorite for us.

That company is called Llhomd and it is now our favorite Black owned soap company that we recommend to anyone trying to adjust their buying habits and support minority owned businesses. If you are looking for a new Black owned soap company to cover your basic shower needs, this is the one to check out. Let’s get into some of the things we love most about these products.

Natural & Vegan Ingredients
The first thing we love about the soap from Llhomd is that it is made using all natural, vegan ingredients. They use plant-based butters and oils like coconut oil and olive oil to make soap that your skin loves. They are effective at cleansing the skin, while leaving it feeling soft and moisturized. This is great for those who really care about ingredients or want to start using better products.

Delicious Scents
This Black owned soap company has really sold us on all of the refreshing scents they offer. They use natural ingredients to create light scents that enhance the experience of washing up and make it feel much more calming. As the steam starts to rise, you can catch whiffs of lemongrass, calendula, lavender, and peppermint, depending on which one you decided to use that day. The right scent can turn an ordinary shower into a soothing personal care activity.

We have a lot to say about Llhomd and their body care products, but we wanted to keep things to the point so that you can get the idea. Overall, we think that this is a great brand, we love the quality of the products they create, and we are excited to pick up some new items the next time we stock up on soap. They offer other body products like body wash for those who prefer a liquid soap formula, body butters and lotions, and even hair care products to help you complete your shower routine. Take a look at their products online at and see which products you would like to try first from this Black owned soap company.

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