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Most Common Land Surveying Services in Calgary

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Land surveying needs are multi-varied depending on the type, size and nature of construction projects. A diverse range of projects across residential and commercial sectors require the expertise of a trusted land survey company and its team. This helps you lay your hands on the team’s industry knowledge and technological edge, as well as advanced skills.

Without an iota of doubt, hiring a trustworthy company for land surveying services in Calgary is of utmost importance. Doing so, helps you to fetch the best land surveying services for different stages of project construction.

Here’s a quick overview of the benefits one can derive from the various land surveying services under a reliable land surveyor:

1. Detailed data collection for the project site

2. Speedy and accurate demarcations and measurements

3. Customised land surveys

4. High quality maintenance throughout

5. Complete planning, designing, and construction processes

6. Best use of state-of-the-art technologies and equipment

Now that we know why land surveying services are needed, it is time to see what these services are.

Most commonly, companies will offer the following land surveying services in Calgary –

– Triangulation

– Grid Surveying

– Deformation Surveying

– Control Surveys

– Boundary Re-establishment

– Topographic Surveys

– Water Boundary Surveys

Let us now understand a few other offerings by land survey companies in Calgary –

1. Real Property Reports (RPRs)
Simply put, a Real Property Report (RPR) refers to a type of legal document meant to illustrate the building’s positioning vis-a-vis the property lines and municipal bylaws. Your land survey company is the best party to provide you with accurate, reliable and legal RPRs.

2. Development Permit Surveys
A Development Permit Survey is generally the very first thing done by your land surveyor. For any new project, the architect or designer needs this DP Survey for their further home designs and renovations.

3. Condominium Plans
A Condominium plan refers to a document showcasing the physical layout of a condominium project. It lays out the precise location, amenities, etc.

4. Infill Construction Surveys
The infill construction project involves developing vacant land within an already established urban area.

5. Property Line Surveys
Property boundaries are commonly made up of fences, retaining walls, etc. A Property Line Survey is done to precisely demarcate these on a property.

6. Construction Survey Services
New construction such as highways and bridges often require construction survey services from an experienced land survey company.

7. Energy Surveys
The energy sector stands to receive detailed survey services including wellsite and padsite surveys, pipeline and facility surveys, mapping, site civil design, pile layouts, regulatory plans, drone surveys, etc.

CORE Geomatics – Hubspot For Land Surveying Services In Calgary
CORE Geomatics is a powerhouse of land surveying services in Calgary. All your residential and commercial land survey needs are efficiently met with a team of adroit professionals, the latest technology, innovative practices and modern equipment. Industry best practices combined with years of rich experience promise to deliver speedy, accurate and customised land surveying.

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