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Reasons You Should Buy A Home in Okanagan Valley

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Okanagan Valley is booming and will soon become one of the most sought-after places in the whole of Canada.

The area is dotted with picturesque views, vineyards, and tons of recreational activities around. So, basically, the area is something for everyone and hence it is gaining popularity amongst a lot of new homebuyers.

However, is it worth it? Here are the reasons why one should buy a home in Okanagan Valley.

Reasons Why You Need To Buy A Home in Okanagan Valley

1. An Investment Opportunity
Many people from across the country are moving to Okanagan Valley due to its rising property prices which turns out to be a great market for real estate market returns.

While the rise in property prices in the region has been quite gradual recently, it can be expected that the region will expect some steep hikes in property prices in the coming years.

Okanagan is also a tourism haven, and hence the properties bought in the region can very well be turned into rental properties that can generate constant returns over a period of time.

2. A Thriving Cultural Community
Apart from tons of recreational activities, the region is also home to a thriving cultural community. The city has many options including a Japanese garden, museums, theatres, and multiplexes, in fact, something for everyone around here.

There are guided tours in Kelowna’s cultural districts that take place on a regular basis.

3. Centrally Located
Getting to Okanagan Valley and moving around is quite easy. It is very well connected to highways and airports. The valley is almost two hours away from one of the biggest cities in Canada, i.e. Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary.

Plus there are many flights heading out of the Airport to various locations across the country. This makes it a perfectly accessible hub for international travel. Even for the ones who are into driving, the highways to the valley are quite a direct route between Alberta and British Columbia.

4. Recreational Activities
For sports enthusiasts, Okanagan Valley is the perfect spot for skiing and tubing. Apart from this, there are a number of golf courses dotted around the valley.

Apart from these, other sports like mountain biking, the presence of aquatic centers, and other arenas mean there are classes that take place for both adults and kids who wish to take part.

5. A Good Weather
Okanagan Valley is known to have some of the best weather in all of Canada, throughout the year.

The valley experiences warm summers with little to no humidity, and mild winters, when compared to other parts of Canada. The temperatures in Okanagan Valley can range between 25 degree Celsius and 33 degree Celsius in summers and drops to -1 degree in winters.

6. A Haven for Foodies
The region is home to some amazing restaurants. Anyone who’s looking for a place to eat or drink, can simply head downtown and choose from the various options that are present there.

From fresh farm produce restaurants, to multi-cuisine restaurants set up in the region, the area has a lot to offer to food enthusiasts.

7. Population Boom
The region is gradually becoming one of the best regions to move to. According to one of the data sources, the population in Central Okanagan spiked to 222,000 from 194,000 in 2016. This was a 14 percent growth between 2016 and 2022. It is considered to be one of the fastest-growing areas in British Columbia.

Conclusion: Getting The Right Property in Okanagan Valley
Moving to Okanagan Valley at this time might be a smart move. For homebuyers who are planning to move base or buy a property at the location, it is important for them to understand the area, its prices, and other intricacies before hastily shifting there.

One of the primary responsibilities before moving to a new place is to read the property’s real property report and get it cross-checked. A real property report provides a real-world picture of what’s there to look forward to in a piece of property.

It is also necessary to get a real property report, only from verified sources. A reputed real property report provider like Core Geomatics is always the best bet to get a real property report survey conducted. Their year’s worth of expertise and the latest technologies make the job much easier.

Consult Core Geomatics for a Real Property Report in Okanagan Valley today!

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