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Selecting the Right Mac Laptop For Work On The Go

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The idea of the typical “9 to 5” is shifting. Over the past year, remote work has become far more common, and non-traditional work environments are poised to become the new norm. Whether you enjoy working out of your local cafe or if you often find yourself on buses and trains while needing to perform certain work tasks, the right laptop is absolutely essential for getting everything done.

A high-quality Mac laptop is exactly what you need if you intend on working smartly and efficiently no matter where you are or what your specific work requirements are. Knowing which of these computers will best suit your needs is another matter entirely, however.

Apple Macs come in a wide variety of different sizes, all of which feature different specifications in terms of components, and therefore functionality. Below you will find some helpful information on choosing the right laptop for your needs and where you can find Apple computers at an affordable price online.

Lightweight and Sleek Vs. Power-Packed
Non-traditional work environments can vary substantially. Perhaps you love working out of your kitchen but often retreat to your bed or sofa in the afternoon. Maybe you venture into the office downtown two days a week yet spend other days in your favorite bookstore or diner.

With this newfound freedom comes the necessity to own a powerful yet flexible laptop that offers more than just computing power and efficiency. The device you choose needs to be suitably powerful yet offer plenty of portability, depending on your individual needs.

If reliable performance and extreme portability are your top priorities, you may want to consider the notebook-sized 11-inch MacBook Air. These small and lightweight Mac laptops have a slim form factor yet still more than enough power and memory to perform most work tasks, including data entry, administrative tasks, conference calling, web browsing, social media management, and more. In fact, comparatively speaking, the MacBook Air series is equipped with far better components than the average laptop you are likely to find in most department stores.

The MacBook Air is great for taking with you wherever you go. If you enjoy working in a wide variety of locations or simply prefer the mobility, this is the laptop for you. You won’t feel overburdened carrying around a MacBook Air, and while you won’t be able to comfortably perform complex design or video editing jobs with one of these laptops, they more than hold their own for the vast majority of other professional tasks.

However, if raw power is what you are looking for at the expense of a bit of portability, the MacBook Pro series may be more in line with your needs. These Mac laptops come in much larger sizes and pack higher-end components. Loved by professionals the world over, MacBook Pros will allow you to perform just about any kind of complex or resource-intensive computing task imaginable without experiencing lag or other issues. Perfect for graphic designers and video editors who need a larger screen and more processing power at their fingertips.

The only drawback with a MacBook Pro is that they are a bit bulkier than the Air, which means that they aren’t as easy to lug around. These laptops are better suited for home office use or minimal travel, but they do give you that option to work on the go if you need it.

If either of these lines of Apple computers appeals to you, stop by Mac of All Trades to find the one that best meets your work requirements. They have a great selection of highly affordable Apple Mac laptops and other devices, including iPads and iPhones. For busy professionals looking for a quality computer, there’s no better place to shop than Mac of All Trades.

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