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Should You Buy RO Water Purifier?

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When it comes to home water quality, most homeowners are left having to deal with the hand that they are dealt. Sometimes this includes having to suffer through water with an odd taste or smell. Even if your water quality seems perfectly acceptable, some contaminants like lead can still cause health problems without affecting the taste or smell of your water. If you want to get the best possible water quality in your home, then you might want to buy an RO water purifier.

RO or reverse osmosis water filtration systems are some of the best home systems on the market in terms of final water quality. RO filtration technology is regularly found in restaurants and other environments where the clean taste of drinking water is essential.

A reverse osmosis water filter, as the name suggests, is designed to filter water by reversing the natural process of osmosis. During osmosis, water moves through a semipermeable membrane in an attempt to achieve equal levels of dissolved solid on each side of the membrane. Water will flow through a membrane towards the side with more dissolved solids until the weight of the water on one side limits its ability to absorb more water. This limiting factor is known as osmotic pressure.

By overcoming the osmotic pressure of the system, home RO filtration systems are able to remove clean water from water that contains dissolved solids. The membrane used in these filtration systems have pores that are designed to allow only water to pass through. This means that particles as small as 0.0001 microns in size will be removed from the water as opposed to the 0.5 micron size that most carbon based filtration systems are designed to achieve.

If you want to buy an RO water purifier, then you will have to make plenty of room under your sink. RO filter membranes are sensitive and multiple stages of filtration are needed in order to clean the water before RO filtration. Many systems will also include a post filter cartridge to help remove any organic compounds that managed to pass through the RO membrane.

RO filtration is also slower than other methods of home water filtration. Typically an RO system will only be capable of filtering a dozen or so gallons per day instead of a gallon or so per minute like some carbon based filters. In order to make sure that you will always have water that is filtered and ready to drink, many home RO systems will come with a storage tank to hold filtered water.

If you are looking to buy an RO water purifier to add to your home, then you need to visit They specialize in home water filtration systems and their ROM IV reverse osmosis system is one of the most efficient home RO systems on the market. If you need any help choosing the perfect drinking water system for your home, their team of filtration specialists are always happy to help.

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