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Vanilla Vape Juice Is Criminally Underrated

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Without a doubt, one of the most underrated flavors of vape liquid has got to be vanilla vape juice. It is a fantastic flavor that is not placed high enough on vape juice rankings or mentioned in the favorites list as often as it should be. Speaking on behalf of one of the best vape liquid flavors ever, here are some points on what makes vanilla vape juice so good.

Sweet, Subtle Flavor
Vanilla, as a flavor in general, is pretty subdued. It is usually added to other baked goods and beverages as a way to enhance the flavor without overwhelming it. While it is so subtle, it is still immediately recognizable. We all know vanilla when we taste it and enjoy the sweet simplicity of the flavor. It comes as no surprise that vanilla is universally one of the most popular ice cream flavors. Vanilla is sweet, but not too sweet and gives you just the right amount of flavor to make anything taste good. It carries over into vaping as well since a good vanilla vape juice will bring something similar to the table. It is just a great flavor that doesn’t overwhelm your taste buds. You could probably vape with this flavor for hours without getting tired.

Tastes Like Familiar Treats
Since we mentioned ice cream, we should go on a little further to discuss another reason why vanilla vape juice is so underrated as a flavor. Even as a vape liquid, vanilla reminds us of so many treats we know and love. It is a popular flavor for things like ice cream, coffee creamer, and fresh-baked cookies. It would be hard to imagine so many of the treats and goodies we love so much without vanilla. Puffing on a vape pen with vanilla vape juice brings all of these familiar treats to mind. Just like any other flavor of vape liquid would make you feel like you are eating a piece of candy or taking a sip of soda, vanilla makes you feel like you are enjoying any one of these comforting treats.

Less Obvious Choice
Something great about vanilla vape juice overall is that it is essentially the road less traveled. It is not as common to find as other flavors like strawberry, grape, or mint. You do not get to see vanilla-flavored vape juice as often as you might want to. Because of that, it is a bit more exciting to try than many other flavors of vape liquid. Of course, you might enjoy your strawberry vape juice, but it isn’t exactly exciting and surprising to see. Vanilla is less common, so understandably, it might make you raise your eyebrow in curiosity. You wonder what that one might taste like and decide to give it a shot. You should absolutely do that whenever you get the chance. A fun part about vaping is experimenting with flavors. Try something different and see where it takes you. You might have just discovered a surprise favorite.

With all this talk of vanilla vape juice going around, the best way for you to learn how you feel about it is to find out for yourself. Maybe then, you will understand why we have to praise it so much as an underrated champion. You can pick up some vanilla vape juice at where they have a great nicotine-free formula and an amazing vanilla-flavored vape liquid. See what all the talk is about.

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