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Switch to an Everpure Water Filtration System, Save Money

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You read that title right. Switch to an Everpure water filtration system, and you could save money – and not just a little but enough to warrant an article of this size dedicated to it. We’re going to stop your concerns in their tracks, first, though. Doesn’t an Everpure water filtration system cost money? Well, yes – it does, but if you’re in the habit of drinking (and wasting) plastic water bottles, the cost of a quality water filtration system will become negligible in short order.

Let’s say the average person drinks a half gallon of water per day, just to keep this simple. That breaks down to 182 and a half gallons of water per year. You can obviously adjust this figure if you live with others, or have kids or pets, but we’ll keep this cost analysis simple. Notwithstanding the water bill itself, if you decide to choose an Everpure water filtration system that takes H-54 cartridges, for example, here’s what you might be looking at.

Ignoring the fixed costs, which return to 0 in the long run, your variable costs will be associated with the length of the cartridge life. Filter life will vary according to conditions, but all things being equal, you can expect an H-54 water filter cartridge to last through about 750 gallons. At a cost of $43.50 from, the cost per gallon of water is 5.8 cents. Based on this analysis, you can also assume the filter will last for over 4 years – about 4.11 years, to be precise.

Now, we can’t know for sure how much you pay for bottled water, but let’s say that you’re able to get your water bottles for a fair market rate. For the purpose of this calculation, we’ll say you buy 24 packs of water bottles, each of which holds 16.9 ounces, for $5.00 even, which is a fair price.

This breaks down to 3.17 gallons of water for the price of 5 dollars, which comes out to over a dollar per gallon; you don’t even need to crunch the numbers to figure that out. If you do crunch the numbers, you’re left with a price of about a dollar and 57 cents per gallon of water. Just to be clear, that is 27 times more expensive than using an Everpurse water filtration system, assuming the same levels of consumption throughout the year.

Of course, only calculates one cost of drinking from plastic water bottles. You also need to drive to the store multiple times per week to furnish yourself with new cases of bottles, which is time consuming and expands your carbon footprint. It also means you’re going to have bottles on bottles to recycle at the end of the day – and you probably don’t need us to tell you we’re in the midst of a global plastic crisis.

On top of that, you need to take the source of water into account, and there’s no being sure about the quality of water that’s sourced by bottled water companies. Conversely, with an Everpure water filtration system that takes H54 cartridges, you can enjoy protection against lead, chlorine, iron, rust, other oxidized metals, and even microbial cysts. They are effective at filtering out particulate matter down to 1/50,000th of an inch, so you can get better quality bundled up for a lower price – a rare combination. If you’re responsible for a commercial operation, such as food service, these figures might even be more compelling.

The numbers are clear. A quality water filtration system will provide you with higher quality drinking water and will invariably save you money. To learn more about the details of systems from Pentair, Everpure and others, visit efilters online at or get in touch with them at [email protected].

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