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The Difference Between High Bay Light Fixtures and Low Bay Fixtures

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Lighting and light fixtures are used every single day in our daily lives because they are so useful. On a day-to-day basis, we are always using lighting and light fixtures whether that be in our homes, our cars, the stores we frequent, or where we work. Needless to say, lights are extremely important for us to function properly in today’s society. 

When we are talking about lighting that is used for places like our shopping malls, our grocery stores, or the warehouses our products are made, usually it’s about commercial lighting. All large warehouse buildings, industrial buildings, and any other large building that has really high ceilings require specific kinds of lighting to accommodate for the expansive space that each building is taking up. 

Regular old lightbulbs you put in your lamps at home aren’t going to cut it in those situations. When anyone talks about this kind of lighting used in warehouses, chances are they are referring to commercial lighting. Commercial lighting has an incredibly huge market, as there are so many different types of warehouses and large industrial buildings that are in constant need of lighting. 

The only lighting that will really work within these buildings with high ceilings is high bay lighting fixtures and low bay lighting fixtures. But what’s the difference between them? At this point, they already share some similarities such as they both can hold LED light bulbs. 

LEDs are the most ideal for this lighting situation because they are incredibly efficient, last longer than any other kind of lighting, and will save you a lot of time, hassle, and money in the long run. Another similarity between high bay lighting fixtures and the low bay is that they are both placed in the same areas, on high ceilings. However, it’s the height of the ceilings that are what differentiates the two kinds of lighting fixtures. 

Low bay lighting is best used for ceilings that range 12-20 feet high, while high bay lighting is required for ceilings that range from 20-45 feet high. This is because both of these lights offer different levels of power and strength. High bay lighting typically has over 100 watts of power while low bay lighting can only ever reach a maximum of 100. 

The ways that you have to hang these types of lights are also different. High bay lighting fixtures can hang from ceilings using some sort of chain, pendant, or hook while low bay lighting is suspended and mounted from the ceiling using hooks and chains. 

While these lights serve different purposes, they are both just as useful as the other. If you’re looking for a place to get some new high or low bay lighting fixtures, check out the selection from Major Electronix. You can find them all on their website, 

If you have any questions regarding any of the lights, lighting fixtures, or any other products, give them a call at 800-966-2345. 

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