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Three Things To Keep In Mind Before Smoking Out Of A Glass Bong

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When you’re in need of something that could give you the cleanest quickest hit, you’ll need something more effective than a glass pipe. Using a bong to smoke cannabis or other herbs is more satisfactory than rolling them on paper. Bongs have a legendary stance in the smoking scene. It’s known to be the smoothest method of smoking because of its water filtration system–a very smart idea to filter out gunk and ash when you’re lounging at home or when you’re having a house party with friends who all just want to have a good time.

Smoking out of a bong has been known as the best smoking method among other methods there is. The water filtration is impeccable, it traps the ash and other debris giving you nothing but the coolest smoke—literally. Although, if you’re a new glass bong user you also have to consider a few things so you’ll have a cleaner, smoother and cooler smoking experience before you decide to buy a glass bong.

Clean As You Smoke
Cleaning your bong regularly is like washing your dishes after use. You don’t want to eat off of a dirty plate with contaminated food particles in it, correct? The water filtration system of the glass bong would trap the ash and water soluble compounds in the smoke which would result in yellow to brownish water after several hours of use. Now, if you decide to smoke out of a bong with the unchanged water in it, the smoking experience will be impacted. The dirty water in the bong would ultimately compromise the flavor and aroma of your smoke. If your bong has removable parts like a downstem, make sure to detach all of them as you run your bong through warm water. If you’re regularly cleaning your bong, you can clean it thoroughly using isopropyl alcohol and kosher salt or buy a premade bong cleaning solution. Once you are done cleaning, just rinse it thoroughly with warm water once again before you let it air dry.

Use An Ash Catcher
If you want to keep your bong clean for an extended period, better equip it with an ash catcher. Ash catchers are easier to clean than the whole bong which saves you so much time if you have other things to do and you intend to clean your bong later after work. They also come in different attractive colors and sizes which adds an extra cool effect to your whole smoking gear. The ash catcher acts as a more functional filter, ultimately reducing the amount of ash and water soluble compounds in the smoke from entering the main chamber. Never put too much water into the ash catcher as this could result in an undesirable reverse flow of water back into your glass pipe.

Store Your Bong Properly
It’s crucial to store your bong properly in a padded bag or box or away from anywhere precarious. Bongs are made of fragile material and could easily break if handled inappropriately. They are a great addition if you’re invited over to a friend’s party, but transporting them would require extra care. A bad break can easily render a quality bong useless. Pack your bong together with the herbs and other products so everything is together in one place.

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