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The Differences Between the Planmeca ProOne and the Planmeca ProMax Panoramic X-

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Within the dental industry, most people have heard of the award-winning brand, Planmeca. In fact, they have been producing high-quality dental products for over 50 years. When it comes to panoramic dental X-ray machines and cone beam systems, Planmeca has some of the most innovative technology in the industry. Relative to dental extraoral imaging systems, they offer both the Planmeca ProOne and Planmeca ProMax S3 panoramic X-ray machines, which are both excellent options.

All of Planmeca’s dental X-ray products are able to deliver consistently fast, high-quality images. They are easy to learn and use, and they integrate with most leading dental imaging software with a simple TWAIN interface. Though all of their X-ray systems are reliable, there are some certain benefits and advantages to consider when choosing which system is best for you.

Panoramic Imaging
When considering panoramic imaging, both the Planmeca ProOne and the Planmeca ProMax S3 options have features and benefits to meet the needs of just about any practice. Depending on your diagnostic requirements, you may prefer one over the other.

The Planmeca ProOne delivers high-quality 2-dimensional panoramic images at an affordable price. An entry-level dental X-ray machine, the Planmeca ProOne includes standard, pediatric, and optional bitewing images to meet the needs of most general dentists. The Planmeca ProOne is a panoramic X-ray machine only and is not upgradeable to other imaging modalities. So, if you are considering adding a cephalometric or dental cone beam to your practice later on, you may want to consider the upgradable Planmeca ProMax S3 instead.

The Planmeca ProMax S3 is a great panoramic X-ray machine for both general dental and dental specialty practices alike. Its patented SCARA technology dynamically adjusts during rotation to capture fine details of the anatomy not visible with other panoramic machines. With its standard, pediatric, optional bitewings, and advanced panoramic imaging options, the Planmeca ProMax S3 is a premium dental X-ray machine for the ultimate in patient care. Unlike the Planmeca ProOne, the Planmeca ProMax S3 can also easily be upgraded to either cephalometric and/or CBCT imaging.

Cephalometric Imaging
For orthodontic practices or specialists that need cephalometric capabilities, the Planmeca ProMax S3 is also a perfect choice. Whether you purchase the ProMax S3 already ceph-enabled or wish to upgrade to cephalometric imaging later, the Planmeca ProMax S3 delivers high-quality, consistently clear panoramic and cephalometric X-ray images every time. What’s more, the Planmeca ProMax S3 panoramic plus ceph can also be upgraded to include dental cone beam functionality in the future.

Cone Beam Imaging
Not only does the Planmeca ProMax S3system capture stunning panoramic and optional cephalometric X-rays, but it can also be purchased in both a 3D-ready model or can be upgraded to either medium or large field of view cone beam later on. Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) is quickly becoming the standard of care in both general and specialty applications. The multi-purpose Planmeca ProMax 3D is an outstanding, yet affordable, option for complete patient care.

Where to Purchase Planmeca Panoramic X-Ray or CBCT Systems
One of the best ways to add a Planmeca panoramic X-ray system to your practice is to buy them pre-owned from Renew Digital. Renew Digital has high-quality used Planmeca panoramic and cone-beam X-Ray equipment at affordable prices. In fact, buying pre-owned X-ray equipment can save you 30-50% off the new list price of new Planmeca dental X-ray machines. Plus, these certified pre-owned systems are backed by Renew Digital’s 5-star service and support.

Renew Digital is able to match dentists and dental specialists with the X-ray equipment needed to best treat their patients. They take a consultative approach to find the best fit for your practice both now and in the future. You can learn more about the Planmeca ProOne and Planmeca ProMax S3 X-ray systems today by visiting

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