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Top 5 Reasons Why One Might Need Land Surveying Services in West Kelowna

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Land surveying services in West Kelowna are usually conducted by businesses or homeowners to help them understand their properties better.

Land surveys are quite helpful and can actually assist a homeowner in understanding what their property has in store quite better.

Here are the top five reasons that one might need land surveying services in West Kelowna.

5 Reasons Why One Might Need Land Surveying in West Kelowna
When it comes to land surveying, many people tend to undermine the benefits that it carries with itself. There are several use cases of land surveying that can come in handy in a lot of cases.

1. Upgrading or Redoing an Existing Property
For implementing an upgrade to an existing constructed property, a land survey is mandatorily required.

Many municipalities and city councils require businesses and homeowners to report their upgrades and get a land survey done for the upgrades that are conducted on the property.

Any property upgrade that is undertaken has to be checked if it requires a land survey.

2. Demolishing or Adding to the Construction
A builder or a construction company needs to acquire the land or property survey before they begin with any kind of demolishing or new construction activities on the land.

This land survey acts as a map for the construction taking place on the property, which enables them to conduct related activities quite effectively. The land survey points out the topographic and other features of the land, property lines, and elevation levels.

Moreover, a land survey also showcases if the project in question follows all the regulations and codes, making it an integral part of the entire process.

3. Dividing a Land into Parts
In cases where a parcel of land has to be divided into further plots, a land survey can be quite beneficial. A land survey guides the subdivision process and makes it more transparent for all the parties involved in the project.

A land survey lists all the things that are required for a property division. A land surveyor in West Kelowna will assess the site in question, collect data using surveying equipment, verify the title of the land, note down the easements, and consult with design professionals or draft a subdivision plan for the land.

4. Identifying the size of the plot
The size of a piece of land can also be verified using a land survey that’s conducted on a parcel of land. Professionals can determine the size of the land exactly and all the other dimension-related information about the land.

The size of the plot also enables to have property boundaries in place too. This ensures that there are no cases of encroachment.

5. To Sell a Property
When selling a piece of land, the sellers can rely on a land survey to ensure that they have complete information about the property that they are about to sell.

Having accurate information about a piece of land is always a beneficial thing to have in hand, for selling a property

Conclusion: Choose the Best Land Surveying Services in Town
Land surveying is a task that takes time, effort, and precision.

That is why when it comes to selecting a land surveying company or business in West Kelowna, choosing a surveying service that has the right experience, and professional services goes a long way.

Core Geomatics offers land surveying in West Kelowna. Their 13 years of experience coupled with top-notch technology is a testament in itself about the quality of work that they provide and the way they operate. They provide customized land surveying solutions to businesses and homeowners depending on their property, concerns, and requirements.

Get in touch with Core Geomatics today to understand their services.

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