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What’s The Difference Between Land Surveying and Building Surveying?

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Land surveying is a very vital function, and has to be conducted with utmost precision.

However, for the layman, the details might not come into the picture. This is due to the type of job at hand. There are instances where a land surveying role is often confused with other roles, such as geomatics surveying or building surveying.

While the roles might similar, there are several differences that are kept in mind when comparing land surveying and building surveying.

Here’s all there is to know about land surveying and building surveying, and the difference between the two.

What is Land Surveying?
Land surveying is the practice of measuring and mapping the natural and man-made features of the surface of the earth, including boundaries, topography, and other physical features. It involves the use of a variety of tools and techniques to gather data about the land, and their work is used again for a variety of purposes.

The reports from a land survey are then used for property transactions, land development, engineering, construction, and environmental management.

Who is a Land Surveyor?
A land surveyor is usually concerned with mapping out and defining the legal aspects of land ownership and property boundaries. To summarise, they define and manage the land space around us.

They define the land by providing a comprehensive understanding of the land, water, and air above the land as well, they further manage it by legal-proofing the land and evaluating its aspects. Eventually, they protect the space by ensuring there’s no illegal development or misuse of the space.

What is Building Surveying?
On the other hand, building surveying usually involves getting the assessment and inspection of buildings and other erected structures. These are the professionals who are responsible for ensuring that the buildings they survey are compliant with the local codes and regulations.

Furthermore, they also check if a building has any defects, or potential problems with the structure while providing advice on maintenance of the building and its repair and renovation too.

Who is a Building Surveyor?
A building surveyor acts as a guardian for a building. They ensure that the building is legally certified and compliant, plus it has all the permits in place associated with planning and construction.

They issue demolition and building permits, inspect work sites, issue occupancy certificates, and are equipped to understand the building’s control process. All in all, it’s the building surveyor’s job to know and understand that the building is safe, energy-efficient, and livable.

Conclusion: Get the Right Land Surveying Company in Vernon
Both the roles might seem a lot similar, but in reality, stand way apart from one another.

This is why when getting a land surveyor onboard, one should ensure that they are qualified for the role and knows what they are doing. Finding and getting the right land surveying company in Vernon isn’t difficult because of Core Geomatics.

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